NEWS: Carla Bruni gets snapped up at Christies.


“Carla Bruni, the supermodel wife of France’s premier statesman Nicolas Sarkozy, poses in a state of considerable undress. The release of the snap by auction house Christie’s comes as Sarkozy and his glamorous missus arrive in the UK for a state visit which will see them attend a banquet with the Queen at Windsor Castle. Still, at least Prince Philip should have plenty to talk to them about over dinner. See even more of Mrs Sarkozy in GQ’s April issue, in shops now.”

Well, the above photograph smashed the £3,000 expected pricetag, by selling at a whopping £45,000 at Christies Auction House, London.

THE NAKED photograph of Carla Bruni that caused a furore during the ex-model’s state visit to the UK last month has sold at auction for £45,000, smashing its £3,000 guide price. The photograph was shot in 1993, by Michael Comte.

After frenzied bidding the portrait was yesterday won by a Chinese art collector – much to the disappointment of Heiko Roloff from German magazine Bild, who told ITN that he had a special reason for wanting to buy it.

“I was disappointed I was outbid, because I would have bought the photo as a gift for the French president,” he said. “That would have been a very nice gesture and also a nice story.”

Despite this, a naked photograph of Gisele Bundchen raised the highest sum of the day, selling for approximately £98,000.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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35 responses to “NEWS: Carla Bruni gets snapped up at Christies.

  1. laura

    She’s got such an ugly body. Ican’t believe she was a model. Have you seen her boops? They’re separated and each one looks to a different direction.And she’s too skinny. uggg

  2. versatility is the key of life. Same kind of bodies may become boring…so nothing wrong with her being a model as i beleive even a fat girl can be a model because modeling means an excerpt from real world.

  3. rajul

    i want her on my bed

  4. victor

    unforunatly for you (americans) you missed somme delight because of your lack of subtlty…;o)

    one way: our president’s wife is so beautifull…and everybody can’t say the same…!! :o)

    a french

  5. JA

    Carla Bruni is hot. A woman does not have to have a perfect body to be hot. I wish women would finally figure that out.

  6. F

    Theres’ nothing wrong with her bod, except that its on show. It’s not a commodity, it is not gracious to do that, although I enjoy her odd stance, its quirky giving the pic a less sexual tone.

  7. Nick S

    Stop dreaming about my bitch
    love, nick s.

  8. hi
    I like you very much
    best regards

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    i like you very much
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  11. Gavin

    “Laura Says:

    She’s got such an ugly body…Have you seen her boops? They’re separated and each one looks to a different direction.”

    LOL, like women have any idea what men find attractive. She has nice little boobs I would suck each one every night.

  12. American broad

    Sounds like Laura has some insecurity issues.
    Ms. Bruni is beautiful… maybe not more beautiful than anyone else, but absolutely beautiful nonetheless.
    She is not “too skinny.” She is perfect for her height & bone structure.
    It’s time fat chicks quit telling thin chicks to gain weight in order for the fat chicks to feel better about themselves. Get some exercise, stop eating crap & you will not only look better, you’ll feel better about yourself… & you might even stop saying stupid things to/about other people that make you sound pitifully insecure about yourself.

    Maybe the best part about this photo is that her “quirky” pose does make the shot less sexual… giving a look of humility, modesty, perhaps even shyness.

    And she can sing too.

    Best wishes,
    ~An American Broad~

  13. anonymous

    you guys are so mean.

    Laura is only criticizing Carla.

    But you guys are attacking Laura! some people like carla, some people dislike her, what’s the problem with that. And even one stupid guy assume Laura is fat and insecure? that’s so funny! she just has different taste with you guys.

    it’s so absurb to speak like all women in this world is for you guys to criticize and to pick.

    taking a nude pic and making it public means Carla have to take all praises and criticizes.

    I wonder if boys would still think she’s “beautiful” if she’s just a common model but not very famous. Her body is just in average model’s shape. In my opinion she’s not exceptionally beautiful or ugly. Just so-so.

  14. Mr Speaker

    Insulting women and calling them ugly because they’re too skinny may be very fashionable of late, but if a chubbier first lady posed nude, I am sure Laura wouldn’t have said “she’s too fat… uggg” – and Laura, the next time someone calls you fat, take a minute to realize that insulting people for their image whether skinny, fat, blue or yellow is equally as hurtful.

    Women especially love saying “YUCK, she looks anorexic!” without considering that Anorexia is a horrible disease.

  15. montrealcutie

    As a lady with fabulous curves,I have to say that I LOVE this pic of Ms. Bruni…such a beautiful woman!…But aren’t we all? 😉

  16. Melissa

    I absolutely love Carla Bruni. She is so beautiful and her music is great! 🙂

    She also has a great body!

    – Canadian chick

  17. lisa

    thank god i didn’t eat dinner yet, she would definitely make me vomit if i have to see that photo right before my supper

  18. Zumpalov

    The American Broad is completely right.. I would have to admit that under certain circumstances that woman would not have the same amount of attention and criticism but what Laura said was critical and in every moral sense Laura may not be any more beautiful than Carla and who are you to judge who is more beautiful….. Anyway, its not the fact that guys are inlove with that woman its just the respect for the beauty of the human body (to you anonymous).. Clearly smart people(people who have read enough and have developed themselves to a certain point needed to understand what I am saying) could see the envy of one woman over another because of the first woman’s wrong moral senses and beliefs.. This in my opinion is about moving to a higher level of mental consciousness lacking this implemented from birth view of life.. to judge someone according to your values and trying to affect others opinion by doint it…. I would love to discuss with whoever thinks that can prove me wrong.. I will give you a teaser to get ambitious in the conversation – I am 20 years old.. 😀

  19. …Only the lovely French could pull this off. She stole Mic Jagger from his wife (which of course required his participation), she modeled. She sings. Fashion icon, AND snagged the president of France.

    I say she’s living the life, and hats off to this woman. I love her. She must have such an easy passion about life.

  20. Katerina

    I was actually very happy to see this picture. I’ve always thought that Carla is a very attractive woman, but that’s the first time I’m seeing her nude. I kind of have the same body type and this pic just made me feel a bit better about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have no complains about my boobs or other parts of the body, well maybe some minor complains, but living in North America and seeing all these super skinny celebs with fake DD cups is a bit disturbing and put a lot of pressure on women regardless their body shapes. However, this picture is the reality. If you are skinny with small waist and fit legs it’s very unlikely to have natural big boobs, there are some exceptions of course. My point is this picture is real, and this woman is very real with all her “flaws”, and I admire her for that.

  21. batuhan korkmaz

    Carla Bruni’nin dahada açık pozları varmıdır acaba mesela ellerini kaldırmış olan

  22. Carla Bruni better lloking than MO

    she still looks way way way way way way better than the mannish trannie they call michelle obama

  23. michele

    shes italian. and she said shes ashamed of it. fuck youuuu carlaa!!

  24. yattaara

    ayıp ayıp,koskoca fransa cumhurbaşkanı eşi çıplak geziyo..

  25. Bonjour ce Dieume à Goma RDCongo, juste prendre connaissance avec les autres personnes. Merci

  26. raul

    is she for real?

  27. If I was an ‘Italian’ I would also be ashamed. She’s average but young, he’s a typical french man and like Italian men, full of their own sense of worth ha!

  28. Mirthless Laughter

    While you all are arguing over the looks of women when they are naked, everyone is missing the most important thing: Why and the hell would anyone pay tens of thousands of dollars for a photgraph of Carla Bruni Or Giselle Bundchen when all you have to do is google them and Schwabam! There they are, in all there naked glory…

  29. alex

    nobody’s perfect! she’s beautiful w/ her confidence…

  30. i love carla bruni………………………………………….

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