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I’M SELLING… TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Oversized Denim Shirt/Dress, 8.


TOPSHOP Boutique Oversized Denim Shirt/Dress, UK 8, US 6, EU 36. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LISTING ON EBAY.

Please let me know if you would like to place an offer/purchase before any bids have been made.

Ms. Judy Pink

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A few new(ish) things :)


Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop Dress – £55.00.

Rayban Wayfarers – £120.00.

Vintage Moschino Belt – £100.00.

Topshop Amelie Boots – £75.00.

Vintage Chanel Grey Jumbo Lambskin Classic Flap – PRICELESS.  huzzah! 😀


This is me wearing a combination of my new-ish purchases 🙂 So what do you think?

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Topshop Check Boyfriend Jacket FOR SALE.


I bought this beautiful Boyfriend style coat and have never ever worn it… the sleeves are far too long for me;/ I don’t know why I ever bother buying anything that’s not Petite! BUT the fact of the matter is, this coat is absolutely lovely, and that’s why I bought it! But as it is hard times an’ tha’, I’ve decided to give someone else the pleasure of owning and enjoying this beaut via eBay.


CLICK HERE to view the listing and BUY this coat!


Ms. Judy Pink.


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New Leggings arrived at TOPSHOP.

As I am the Casual Trousers Specialist, I can reveal the new lines that have just hit down at http://www.topshop.com and instores this week!

The Disco Foil Collection.

-Slightly high waisted, these Disco Foil leggings are amazing! All cost £22.00.


-Gold Holographic Legging.


-Bronze Disco Foil Legging.


-Black Disco Foil Legging.

The Graffiti Print Collection.

-Clash these graffiti prints for the ultimate fashion-edge. All at £20.00


-Black and White Graffiti Print Legging.


-Black and Pink Graffiti Print Legging.


-Black and Blue Graffiti Print Legging.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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I am the Casual Trousers Specialist at Topshop 214, Oxford Street.

As off 2 weeks ago I became the Casual Trousers Specialist at the Topshop flagship store at London’s famous Oxford Circus. At first glance it sounds quite boring… but alas, it is not!

I look at the daily/weekly figures, mess about with the VM on the shopfloor, look at new lines; and every Thursday morning I get an important visit from Head Office who come and look at the floor and my stock room and my figures. I don’t suppose I can indulge in my sales plans/targets etc but I can tell you that in my first few days I was already +48% on the week previous, by the end of that week I had smashed my plan for £11,000! Which is crazy money! Recession? What recession?! heh. The week ending Saturday 24th January my Casual Trousers dept had ended a massive +66% on plan. So I’m really happy.

SO! What does Casual Trousers (code 16) consist of?

– Jogging bottoms – Long/Short.

-Leggings – every single legging possible!

-Hareem Pants – Jersey/Cotton.

– Tapered Leg Trousers – Cotton/The more formal trouser we hold for the dept.

The leggings are what’s really driving the sales at the moment; and its not difficult to see why! We have so much choice at the moment, it must make shopping for you lot very difficult indeed!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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I know its farily late, but I have been so so busy!

So Happy 2009!

I do hope you all had a good one! And I hope theres an amazing year ahead!

My personal resolution is to make more time for writing! So keep checking back:)

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Hello all,

I fear I neglected my blogs for about a month! I’ve lapsed with my Friday Must Have’s and ongoing Shoe Project! I must apologise to you 300 visitors that I’m getting everyday. I will make more effort! I Promise!! You see the problem is, I’ve taken on a new job! I’m now a Visual Merchandiser at Topshop. Gone is the Shoe Dept and I quickly waved goodbye to Operations… as soon as I finished my writing at Topshop Head Office I started my new position, and have never been so tired in my life!

My shifts are usually 6am-2pm/3pm. So on a morning shift I have to get out of bed at 4.30am! It’s quite literally madness! But at least it’s light on a morning… I also have to do a few late shifts, not weekly, but as we get a lot of important visits from Brand Directors etc, I need to be at the stores constant beck and call so to speak. So a night shift usually goes from 6pm-2am, except we never finish on time, because the job’s we’re given are completely unrealisitc for a team of two! So I’ve not been getting home and to bed before 4am. I’m really worn out… and its my birthday night out tomorrow aswell! BOO! I’m up at 4.30 tomorrow aswell, today is my ‘day off’ except, its not a ‘real’ day off considering I didnt get to bed till 3.45am, and got up at nealry 1pm today! rofl. but hey ho, its all great experience, it is fun, most of the time, i’m getting amazing arm muscles, and at the end of the day, its only for another 9 weeks! Then we move to Londres!!!

So that is why I have been neglecting my poor blog. I will get some more blogs done today, I promise!

Thanks for your support! Keep sending me your messages and comments!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Alice McCall For Topshop.

Finally, my final piece of writing has been published on Topshop.com

The 3-page Alice McCall collaboration was published this morning (Wednesday 28th May), as the collection was unvealed on the website. Not sure which stores are getting the capsule, I presume just the mega’s. Below is the writing I wrote on the week I freelanced…

To view the capsule and my work online, Click here!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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The most amazing playsuit I think I’ve seen so far this season…

The Deckchair Stripe Playsuit from TOPSHOP! It’s absolutely PERFECT. I’m desperately going to have to get it, and whack a Vivienne Westwood tee underneath until the sunshine comes back!

– Deckchair Striped Playsuit, Topshop, £45.00.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Ra-Ras Rule @ Topshop.com

This is the feature I wrote on Ra-Ra Skirts… unfort, most of the writing was cut for some reason, so I’ll add exactly what I wrote originally at the bottom of the pic…

See the feature on the Topshop.com website here…CLICK HERE TO SEE RA-RA’S RULE!

Here’s what I wrote for the rest of the feature…

Denim Ra-Ra. 27N09TDEN.

A vintage wash summer denim tiered mini skirt is a playful asset to your wardrobe this summer. Team the skirt up with a retro inspired t-shirt and some crisp white plimsolls or flip-flops in an array of acidic brights. Don’t forget that your wayfarer style sunnies are the only accessory to be seen in.

Fluff floral mini skirt. 27M18SPNK.

Dusky hues are your holiday romance this summer. This fluffed up chiffon mini skirt, with white under petticoat, adds mountainous volume and focuses the attention to the waist. Grab a pair of chunky black heels to give a harder edge to a feminine full-skirted silhouette.

Press flower tiered skirt. 27M17SBLK 27M17SPLE.

The whimsical pressed flower print on the chiffon ruffle tiered mini skirt offer an elfin look that is as romantic as it is dark. Take the look further with a cream capped sleeve blouse and oversized blazer for extra punky demeanour.

Cotton Classic. 26G16SYLW.

This cotton classic tiered mini skirt is perfect for over your bikini at the beach. The light cotton will keep you cool right through the day and into the nighttimes. Work the look with the ultimate gladiator sandals and swish high sandals for the evening.

Black jersey tiered mini skirt. 27B25SBLK.

A black frilled jersey ra-ra mini looks effortlessly chic teamed with dusty pinks and pales yellows, or just tuck in your favourite retro tee. Quirky killer heels are a fantastic way to finish this look.

Grey silk tiered mini skirt. 27G09SGRY.

This grey silk skirt is perfect for adding texture to a simple evening outfit. A plain jersey vest with neckline detailing looks great with this skirt; keep all accessories to a minimum to avoid a cluttered top-heavy effect.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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