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Brad Pitt And His Beard.

According to the Daily “Fail” Mail Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up – again. I’ve always been Team Aniston but this is by the by.

What really struck me was the image attached to this so-called ‘news’ story…. Brad Pitt and his weird beard.



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Strange But True….

As I posted my last blog post Laurie Lipton For AllSaints, I went onto Twitter to post a link to aforementioned new post and noticed….

Both Laurie and I have the same amount of followers on Twitter….. bit weird no?

Follow Me On Twitter: Twitter.com/JudyPink

Follow Laurie Lipton On Twitter: Twitter.com/LaurieLipton

I wonder if our following totals will remain in sync??;o



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My very strange cycle home tonight…

I’ve just got in my my bicycle commute home and I wanted to share my thoughts.

It felt like the most surreal ‘rain’ ever. I actually feel like I’m in the Truman Show. The rain wasn’t like “normal” rain. It was coming down like an actual shower and it wasn’t cold?! SO so weird!! ALSO, the whole of Great Eastern Street was completely water-logged and apart from a few dents in the road, it doesn’t normally even have puddles when it rains! Very strange!

Your thoughts?


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Japanese Mcdonalds Advert.

I found this randomly on youtube.com and thought I would share… I absolutely love this ladies hair. It’s beautiful:)

Very strange representation of good old Ronald McDonald however…. interesting.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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