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I’m struggling.

I’m REALLY struggling to log into WordPress right now. Not only that, but I’m REALLY REALLY struggling to copy my Tumblr posts over to WordPress. So, as a compromise, why not migrate with me over to Tumblr? My address is Judypink.tumblr.com.

I swear you will not be disappointed! ;o Life is a breeze!

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Cheryl Finally Ditches Ashley.

I hope Cheryl marries Will.I.Am next please. I think they’d be beautiful together.

On a serious note though, Cheryl’s heart must be broken in a million pieces. I hope the Press give her the privacy she truly deserves.


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Who Wears AllSaints: JARED FOLLOWILL.

Jared and Caleb Followill (the beautiful ones from Kings Of Leon) were papped on the front row at New York Fashion Week…

Jared is wearing the AllSaints Cohen Coat – unfort this lovely tailored piece of outerwear is now out of stock in the UK but can still be purchased on the US.AllSaints.Com website!

AllSaints Cohen Coat, $390.


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AllSaints AMOS Jacket


As seen in all the campaign graphics, the Amos Jacket is finally available for your purchasing pleasure!
Click here to view this amazing studded biker jacket on the AllSaints site….


AMOS Jacket, Black, £395.00 :Available online at http://www.allsaintsshop.co.uk


AMOS Jacket, Moss, £395.00 :Available online at http://www.allsaintsshop.co.uk

The amazing Amos Jacket is now available to purchase online at http://www.allsaintsshop.co.uk

It’s been spotted on all the celebs (Peaches Geldoff and Nicole Appleton – as purchased by Liam Gallagher himself!), models (Erin O’Connor) and fashion editors (Vogue/Vogue.com) alike this week! I’m desperate for one! Better get there quick before they sell out! Can’t decide, black or moss?! Black is classic, classic rock ‘n’ roll, but I love the moss colour, it’s totally different! Help?!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Anyone seen Avril Lavigne recently?

Dear me, have you ever heard of someone getting stuck in a rut? Well, here is photographic evidence of such a saying!

Avril being out of the limelight had had a certain lemon affect hasn’t it really?!

Avril just hasn’t grown up has she?! I was dressing non too dissimilar back in the 90s… lets say a good 10 years ago! AT LEAST! We’re in 2009 and she is still looking the same as her days lusting after some ruddy ‘sk8r boi’ (urgh that spelling makes me bork!)

I just don’t understand to be honest. I’m not being critical of her apparent signature style; at least I suppose, she’d “co-ordinated”, with all that yellow and black;  BUT she is older than I am, and she factually looks at least 5 years YOUNGER than me. I feel like shes younger than I.

And those jelly bracelets, also affectionately known as “shag bands”, my goodness me , those went out of fashion with slinkys and Timmy Mallet rofl.


Ms. Judy Pink.


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