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Back from my London business trip!

Well I finally got back last night… it feels like I’ve been away for like 3 weeks or something! I’ve literally done that much! I had an absolutely fantastic time. The work wasn’t as difficult as anticipated… and there wasn’t as much stress either! Infact my stress was firmly left inside Oxford Circus tube station (the worst thing you can ever do is attempt taking a full suitcase through Liverpool St Station-Oxford St Station at sodding Rush Hour!! Factually horrendous!)

The weather was absolutely GLORIOUS! It was a high of 17’C in Newcastle, whilst I baked in the sun in a mere 28’C! It was actually hotter than Morocco! amazing! I really really can’t wait to move at the end of July.

So basically, I worked at TOPSHOP HQ, Colegrave House, just off Oxford St. I was working with the Internet team and was given the title, “Website Content Editor”. rofl. so really, I was writing the features and blogs, 3 are live on the site now, and I have a feature focusing on the colour white, a feature on the ra-ra mini, and a 3 page feature on the Alice McCall collaboration.

I hung out with none other than the most ecentric Ross Hancock, designer, of Project Catwalk fame. rofl. he’s hilarious. but a really nice bloke to boot;o

Right, I better get my blogs sorted out! I have a massive list! hehe.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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