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Cheryl Cole: The UK Face Of L’Oreal!

Cheryl Cole

So it’s been announced that Cheryl Cole is indeed going to be the latest UK ambassador of global beauty brand, L’Oreal. And is she worth it? Course she is! She, and enviably so, just gets more and more amazingly beautiful with every TV appearance, every paparazzi picture, every article in the sodding Sun!

Cheryl’s first ad will feature her promoting L’Oreal’s Elvive Full Restore 5, which will air over here in October this year. Ms. Cole has signed a standard one year contract deal with L’Oreal so that will include TV and Print ad’s. I for one actually cannot wait to see it!

It’s certainly been quite a year for wor Cheryl, an amazing sell out tour with Girls Aloud, another round of the Xfactor, a single and solo album… and L’Oreal! When does she have time for her beauty sleep? Oh yeah thats right, she doesn’t need any! Boom.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Cheryl Cole dyes her barnet… RED

It’s actually TRUE.

Wor Cheryl has dyed her massive grecian mane a fiery RED. Odd choice. I’m really not sure what I think of it… while it’s a ‘fun’ colour Cheryl does look ALOT younger, and well, maybe not as glamorous as usual… hmmm… Will everyone now be copying Ms Coles new style?!

cheryl-cole cherylred

Let me know what you think!! Do you love or loathe Cheryl’s new look?

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull: the worst film this year?

I went to see the latest Indiana Jones movie this weekend, and its very easy to see why the people behind the film were abit shaky over premiereing it at the Cannes Film Festival  – the reason is simple; its absolutely sh*te. And thats real french.

It is quite frankly not worth spending sodding £14 on 2 cinema tickets, nor was it worth wasting 2 hours of my life; or the fact I could have gone and got 2 tickets for Girls Aloud off some touts:'( definitely not worth missing Girls Aloud for.

I HATE Indiana Jones, and I have a slight disliking for Steven Speilberg for giving the public such a shameful piece of filmmaking to the BFC. It was quite the farse. I don’t care if you were planing on going to see the film, I’m going to tell you the end anyway, (plus I’m saving you the money and the time too)!!

The Crystal Skull, it would appear, belongs to the body of an ‘alien’ ROFL. its absolutely laughable. what on earth was Mr Speilberg thinking? My theory is that they thought, ‘sod this, lets see how far we can take it’, ie, taking the piss on purpose; theres no way, NO WAY, at all that they thought it was a good idea. or is there? I HATED THE FILM. I just cant believe it was made in the first place. Its absolutely unbelievable to be honest!

My boyfriend said, ‘well at least the special effects were good’, but actually, they weren’t! they were as believable as as the sodding aliens rofl.

And what the hell was Cate Blanchette thinking?! Her accent was appalling! Is she french? English? A posh American? A nazi?! NO, she was allegedly RUSSIAN! hilarious.

-The skull from the film.

-Meanwhile, this is what a REAL Crystal Skull should look like.

The skull isn’t even crystal either! Damian Hurst has nothing to worry about! rofl. It looked like a rubbish perspex helmut. horrendous.

All in all, the worst film of the year.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Our bitter disappointment at As You Like It and a rubbish evening….

Before I carry on from my previous blog, and the fact I got back from London 2 days ago, I MUST tell all about our ‘run in’ with As You Like It in Jesmond (although its blatantly Sandyford and they just want to sound posh), Newcastle.

We have been visiting As You Like It for around 8 months and have left with a beaming smile and a very full belly everytime. As You Like It as a restaurant is very very special, the interiors are amazing, and the food is spectacular (all local produce). The food and drinks are expensive, but the atmosphere is beyond anything you’ve experienced before, so its usually well worth the trek and entering with a full purse.

Like with the majority of restaurants, anywhere in the country, perhaps the world, you cannot book a table for less than a party of 6 people. Even though we know this, when we’ve been previously we’ve tried booking a table, especially when we’ve had family up, but As You Like It have always said ‘sorry but we cant accept reservations for less than 6′. Even last time James’ mum and dad visited for a special meal, I rang and they STILL wouldn’t accomodate a table of 4, and just said to ‘come along and we’ll sort you out when you arrive’. AND THAT WAS A SUPER BUSY DECEMBER SATURDAY EVENING… we STILL got a beautiful table after waiting around 30 minutes… and that was at about 8:30pm, so clearly it was really busy.

SO this Saturday (16th Feb), we obviously didn’t try and book a table, but got to the restaurant at 7pm! SUPER EARLY to make sure we could get a table at some point in the evening… we didn’t mind having to sit at a table in the bar and drink until a table was made available either. But we got to the front entrance and were greeted by ‘kerry’, who told us we were not getting a table without a reservation! I WAS MORTIFIED. She reckoned that you could book a table, any time of the day, any day of the week, for ANY AMOUNT OF PEOPLE, and she also reckoned that had been commonplace for “around 6 months”; which was a blatant lie. She was unaccommodating, and unhelpful. She did not offer us a seat at the bar to wait and frankly, her service was below par. James suggested us coming back in an hour or so, or waiting around, but she held her reservations clipboard close to her chest and shuck her brassy blonde hair at us. RUDE.

SOOOOO… i called up As You Like It about 20 mins later and asked if there would be any tables available later in the evening, she said there would be a few tables available in the Cabaret Lounge, but these seats were not even offered to us at the time of our visit. Making us even more angry, and to be honest, upset. All i’ve been thinking about the past few weeks is “i cant wait to go for our special meal at As You Like It!”, and now all I want to do is ruin their reputation if i’m honest! We’ve talked non-stop to our family, friends, and even the general public about how amazing the restaurant, food, interiors and the ‘service’ is. Now i just feel a bitter resentment to the restaurant, and indeed the “Vibrant Ventures” chain.

So we were starving at this point, having only had scrambled eggs on toast and a bottle of bucks fizz alllllll day. We couldn’t get a taxi, it was absolutely beyond freezing, and by the time we finally got into town, most places were fully booked. We ended up at Prima on the Quayside… we got a table after 20 mins, so we were like ‘PHEW!’. The table we were given was next to the door, and with people in and out smoking, it was FREEZING. I kpet my coat on because I was that cold. We finally got another table just opposite, it was still cold, but bareable. We had our starter, then our main came. I’d ordered Sirloin Steak Al Pepe, and James had ordered Sirloin Steak Dianne. However, James’ was correct, but I was given 2 SMALL, may I add, medallions, which were also £5 more expensive. The foreign waitress took the dish away and said my new steak would be ten mins or so…(since when did steak take more than 5 minutes anyway!??) so James had to eat his as it was going cold so quickly… we had no apology at all, just lots of stares from other waiters and the manager! horrendous. After such a shit evening all we wanted was the bill, but everyone kept walking by, it was left to the chef behind the pizza oven to shout a waitress over! THEN we get the sodding bill and we were charged for the medallions! FURIOUS. After eventually squaring up the CORRECT bill, and still without an apology we left without leaving a tip.

I am now in the process of writing a strongly worded letter to As You Like It. I probably sound really petty about it, and it shouldnt have ruined our night like it did…. but it was a special occasion, and we were given appalling service, PLUS we were LIED TO! you never know, we might actually get something out of it;o fingers crossed anyway! ha.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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