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Vapiano’s London.

Went to VAPIANO’s on Saturday after shopping in the West End. This is one of our fave eateries when we’re in that neck of the woods. The food, atmosphere and and price point is amazing. I understand that not everyone will like Vapianos (self service, sit where you like affair) but do not knock it until you try their fresh pasta or pizzas – they are out of this world. AND CHEAP too. My faves are the Salame Pizza (£5!) or the Bolognase with Penne Pasta (not just a normal Bolognese btw, its amazing and beyond tasty!), while James loves the same pizza and a pasta that has fresh figs and meat in? LUSH.

It’s all completely fresh made how you want with extras or whatever you don’t like taken out – plus you get to see the chef’s make your dish right infront of you! ;o BOOM. YUM.


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Online Retail?

Where are your favourite place(s) to shop online? Why?

What makes an online consumer experience in such a technological age?


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Boo, I want I want I want: ‘Jockey’ Chelsea Boots.

‘Jockey’ Chelsea Boots, Topshop, £55.

I have been lusting over these lovely little red shoes (to replace my very tired and worn out little red shoes no less) for about 2 1/2 months – IF NOT LONGER! But woe is me, they are NEVER available in a size 3. VERY ANNOYING.

I’ve actually never even seen them in stores, they probably sold out very quickly I imagine. If you ever see them in a local (London) store or online in  UK 3 (EU 36) please do let me know as I will be all over them like fuzz on a peach! TA!


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