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Oh Topshop making up new words, again : COATIGAN?

I know I sound like a proper geek but I can’t help but look at other peoples websites with a critical eye now. Notably, Topshop.com have been caught out by my critical eye a lot recently. On Friday my friend Grace saw this COATIGAN on the Topshop website. Firstly, COATIGAN? Are you actually having my eyes out? Coatigan is not a real word. Secondly, by using this silly term in such a manner (see description) you’re hardly going to get your new word in the Oxford Dictionary are you?! DREADFUL Topshop, just DREADFUL.

Topshop.com to me are quite strange in their approach to product descriptions…the description attached to this product is not grammatically correct and is far too wordy. I myself would have written something like:

Wool blend, wrap over jacket with a cosy large collar and self-tie belt. This style  has long sleeves, is hip length and features an all-over polar bear print


Do you think having a good description can persuade you to buy something online? Or do you not even bother to read into a product description?

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this, considering I write product descriptions for a living.


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All Hail King Johnson!!

A few weeks back a couple of friends of ours (Grace and Steve) were walking home from Islington way and they passed King Boris as he walked past The York pub just on Upper Street. This excited me and James no end as we’re avid fans of the wonderful Mayor of London, Mr Boris Johnson.

This afternoon we went for a lovely stroll along the canal to get some more festive decorations to finish off our festive house… and who did we see? No other than Boris himself, in the flesh! AMAZING. Not only did we see him, but he nodded, yes he ACTUALLY nodded and smiled at us. This is the definition of making someones year! So what was the first thing we did as he passed? We tweeted of course… then we got home to see this…

ACTUALLY beyond excited! I love Boris, long may he hail – infact, BORIS JOHNSON FOR PRIME MINISTER! Imagine the joy he would bring to everyones day if he were Prime Minister. IMMENSE. But yeah, if you read this Mr Boris, you are welcome to our festive house at any time of the year for a cuppa.

What a good day indeed!


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