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Well, well, well, we meet again!

Deary me, my social (media) life has gone somewhat downhill of late! I am officially horrendous at keeping in touch with you my internet world…

I’ve had a tremendously busy couple of weeks (or months, I cant keep count anymore!). I actually thought the time was 9pm as I’ve only just sat down after getting in from work and putting the tea on – but infact it is 10:49pm – woe is me indeed!

I just thought I’d write a quick catch up blog before, well, bedtime really!

Basically, I’ve been working hard and playing harder! Theres been fancy dress, fireworks and actual FIRE… and some lovely flowers too. Man, it’s been ‘fabulous’ for more of a better ‘f’ word. AMAZING. Anywhoo, I would post some pic’s but I’m currently being selective with my face (and my friends faces for that matter) and the internet. Just because there are some unkind folk who would prefer to have an over active imagination and not think about getting caught in the act. LOLZ indeed. But this is by-they-by.

Lots of exciting fashionable stuff going on at work and home. I have lots of recent purchases to share and restaurants to critque!

But for now, I am off to bedfordshire for I am shattered!



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…and she’s FINALLY back in the room!

Well, what seems like a lifetime ago since I was able to last write to you, I am finally back! and full of things to write about!

We FINALLY got moved down to London and it is amazing! We moved from our beloved Newcastle on Monday 4th August so we’ve been waiting since then for our internet to get up and running. We had some horrendous previous tenants who had fled from this brand new beautiful apartment after a matter of weeks (one would say it was Bankruptcy related…. and no more).

But this is by the by, we’re online now and this is all that matters… so taking matters into my own hands now, I can FINALLY get onto eBay and get making money to pay for our London living! SO WATCH THIS SPACE FOR BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE AND COLLECTABLE CLOTHING, JEWELLERY, BAGS AND FOOTWEAR FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!!:)

that’ll be all for now because I have a mountain of work to do!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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