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Graduate Fashion Week, 2008.

Northumbria University were one of the top 5 Universities in the country to walk the Catwalk at this years Graduate Fashion Week. It’s nice to see my old University getting some recognition; it’s nice for people to be able to read my CV and actually know where/what Northumbria University is! AT LAST! rofl. 

I thought it was brilliant that Vogue.com even showcased Heather Reid’s (from Northumbria) capsule on their front page; see below image.


-A design by Heather Reid, Northumbria University. 

The event kicked off yesterday and will showcase a weeks worth of cool and very likely controversially edgy designs from the up and coming graduate talent. 

Vogue.com said, “Louise Simmonds (Northbrook College) drew on the drama of the Italian renaissance to create tumbling ruffled and pleated collars while florals inspired Hannah Townsend’s (Colchester School of Art) bloom festooned and very wearable dresses, and Emily Bell (Northumbria University) brought us the cutest seaside collection of homeware pieces entitled Squawk.”

How exciting! I can’t imagine how good it would feel to be mentioned by VOGUE! I’d dream of that. So a very well earned pat on the back goes to the above girls! Well Done! 


Ms. Judy Pink.




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