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Gok Wan’s Clothes Roadshow Hits Newcastle.

eee what a day we had yesterday!

well, I met my friend Christie at Monument (Newcastle) just to see what all the fuss was about really. Gok being Gok did not mind leaving the crowd waiting for 2 hours or whatever it was before walking through the crowd to the stage. The whole proceedings was meant to begin at midday, we got there at about 1.30. He went on stage for literally minutes and opened ‘registrations’. This is when the penny finally dropped… rofl.

-Gok Wan on stage at Monument, Newcastle – Photo by Claire Briston (www.clairebriston.com)

This whole sha-bang was a new Gok TV show, which was looking for a national ‘Style Icon’ for the UK. Men, women and children were invited to register. At this point we thought it was pointless to stick around, we didn’t want to register, nor did we want to walk the dreaded catwalk infront of hundreds of people! So we headed to Vivienne Westwood to have a peak at the new season stock. There was a massive crowd, of quite young children outside. but regardless, we went in. Gok was inside; being a little bit diva-ish. “Rich darling hold my remote”, “oh this simply isn’t right”. etc etc etc. I ordered a tee and we ended up walking out together. rofl. rather funny indeed.

Then we saw a few friends in the queue for walking the catwalk, they’d already registered. We said we’d hang about to watch them walk the catwalk.

Then Gok comes off the stages and walks past us with his camera. We sneered. He then turned round and asked James (my fiance) if he’d registered to walk the catwalk, and he laughed and said “nah mate”. Gok then grabbed our hands and wrote a “G” on it in a marker pen, and said “you are walking my catwalk, get to the front of the queue and get your polaroids taken!”. Anyone who knows my James knows he HATE famous people, not because theyre famous, but because they are normal people (allegedly). He hates the whole thing. He hates fuss. He hates ‘audience participation’ the most. So clearly when FORCED to do something like this, he was mortified…much to mine and christies hilarity. rofl.

So we start to fill out the registration forms, and then get asked to do an interview rofl. So we did. All of us speechless. I said THEE shittest things rofl. horrendous. CRINGE.

Then we had our polaroids taken, and shortly after had to walk the catwalk… horrific. I wouldn’t have minded if I’d had my heels on, walking the catwalk just isn’t natural in flats:'(

but hey-ho!

We then went for  a wander while Gok deliberated over the five semi-finalists.

-Gok choses his finalists – Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

-Gok choses his finalists – Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

We thought it would be absolutely hilarious if James won… then one by one Gok announces the finalists, and his reasons for why they were chosen. He kept looking our way when reading out the names… then he announces a ‘Jamie’, we automatically thought he’d got James’ name wrong (until he said the guys surname), I literally pissed myself laughing as the colour drained from James’ face. Then low and behold, the final name called out is James Hill. ha. I creased over. hilarious. absolutely hilarious.

-James being interviewed on stage by Gok Wan. Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

The 5 finalists then had to walk the catwalk once again before the winner, whom would go to the London heat, was announced.

– James walking the catwalk again. Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

-All the finalists on stage with Gok. Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

James, much to his relief, didnt win. A 33 year old lady won. She was lovely. So everyone was smiles.

-James doing his final interview before going back backstage. Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

-Press Shots with Gok. Photo by Claire Briston. (www.clairebriston.com).

I then had another interview backstage about how i ‘felt’. rofl.

-Me and Gok. Photo by James Hill. (www.pwns.org).

And that was the day that was.

The show should be aired around mid-June. So keep your eyes peeled!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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