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I know its farily late, but I have been so so busy!

So Happy 2009!

I do hope you all had a good one! And I hope theres an amazing year ahead!

My personal resolution is to make more time for writing! So keep checking back:)

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Hello all,

I fear I neglected my blogs for about a month! I’ve lapsed with my Friday Must Have’s and ongoing Shoe Project! I must apologise to you 300 visitors that I’m getting everyday. I will make more effort! I Promise!! You see the problem is, I’ve taken on a new job! I’m now a Visual Merchandiser at Topshop. Gone is the Shoe Dept and I quickly waved goodbye to Operations… as soon as I finished my writing at Topshop Head Office I started my new position, and have never been so tired in my life!

My shifts are usually 6am-2pm/3pm. So on a morning shift I have to get out of bed at 4.30am! It’s quite literally madness! But at least it’s light on a morning… I also have to do a few late shifts, not weekly, but as we get a lot of important visits from Brand Directors etc, I need to be at the stores constant beck and call so to speak. So a night shift usually goes from 6pm-2am, except we never finish on time, because the job’s we’re given are completely unrealisitc for a team of two! So I’ve not been getting home and to bed before 4am. I’m really worn out… and its my birthday night out tomorrow aswell! BOO! I’m up at 4.30 tomorrow aswell, today is my ‘day off’ except, its not a ‘real’ day off considering I didnt get to bed till 3.45am, and got up at nealry 1pm today! rofl. but hey ho, its all great experience, it is fun, most of the time, i’m getting amazing arm muscles, and at the end of the day, its only for another 9 weeks! Then we move to Londres!!!

So that is why I have been neglecting my poor blog. I will get some more blogs done today, I promise!

Thanks for your support! Keep sending me your messages and comments!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Miss Selfridge Purple Quilted Handbag.

-Purple Patent Quilted Handbag with Chain Strap, £20.00

I think this month is going to see me buy more than I need. With my magic money ofcourse!

This pruple handbag is the latest offering from Miss Selfridge. I much prefer it to the animal texture one I blogged about for a Friday Must Have earlier this month; Click here to see that post! You cant go far wrong for £20.00 now can you!

However, I do have one concern, look closely at the photograph used; there is a flaw in the material! You’d think they’d use better photographs considering they’re trying to sell a product. It doesn’t really say much for the quality of the material if thats the ‘best’ image they could use! Horrendous! Good job I’m going to London in 10 days time to work for a very popular fashion website! ha.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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FRIDAYS MUST HAVE: ‘Fantasy Horse’ T-Shirt by BOUTIQUE (@ Topshop).


Friday 18th April 2008.

-“Fantasy Horse” T Shirt by Boutique, £30.00

This t-shirt is amazing, and I’m mostly certainly going to be on the purchase when I visit London in 19 days time! Its so 80s its untrue. I think it’ll look fantastic teamed with super skinny black jeans and seriously killer patent heels, OR, if in my case your no taller than 5 ft, I could get away with wearing it with tights as a dress I reckons.

The ultra-cool ‘fantasy horse’ graphic is printed on 100% cotton and is machine washable. This beaut of a tshirt comes straight from the BOUTIQUE department at TOPSHOP, so this item is only available online (while stocks last ofcourse), and in very selected stores, such as OXFORD CIRCUS, London:)

IN ADDITION, to top it off, see the below dress, taken from http://www.net-a-porter.com where either Topshop have taken their inspiration (which I presume they have), or has MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA twoc’d the design from Topshop??

-‘Wild Horses’ Dress by Maison Martin Margiela, £695.00

Romantic Frill Dress from TOPSHOP.
Tulip Skirt from TOPSHOP.

Vivienne Westwood “Crap” Tshirt.
Miss S Chain Detail Bag.

ALL SAINTS “Juliet” Tee.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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