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Oh, what a fashionable snowman?

James was getting his daily REDDIT update when he came across the below snowy scene…

I thought it was absolutely amazing and just had to share! Heh! It looks like Karl Lagerfeld has a doppleganger afterall!

You would really never think a snowed-under barbecue could look like a person, nevermind someone so uniquely looking as Mr K! UNCANNY!



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Drapers Top 100: ALLSAINTS At Number One!

Images/Text Copyright Of Drapers Magazine 2009.

This week saw the publication of the ‘top 100’ in Drapers magazine. The top 100 looks at the biggest and most influential people/brands/retailers in fashion over the past year. Very proudly I can say that Drapers voted AllSaints NUMBER ONE!

Since summer this year, AllSaints have launched a fully transactional US Site with a DC in New Jersey, meaning all US sales are now in dollars and are shipped within the US. Furthermore to the Atlantic-expansion, a concession began the store roll-out within Bloomingdales New York, followed by L.A Robertson and Miami is very close to opening. In the new year there will be a flagship in New York and Boston will follow. Additional language sites have made shopping even easier for French, Italian, German and Spanish speakers.

It’s all very exciting and very well deserved. Well done to all involved atAllSaints; long may it continue!



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“The Mountain” T-Shirt Design.

You know those t-shirts and jumpers you see everywhere, especially in London, with a big print of a Wolf or Deer for example…those proper 70’s washed out over sized tee’s? Well the originators are now known! The little known independant designers, The Mountain, have just unleashed their womens t-shirt collection to ASOS. So below are my fave picks!

All Tshirts are short sleeved with  subtle tye-dye effect.


-Printed Wolf Tshirt with subtle Tye Dye effect, £19.75.



-Ferne wears the above wolf tee.


-Mountain Stag Tee, £19.75.


-Flying Eagle and Mountain Tee, £19.75.


-Mystical Horse Tee, £19.75.


-Mountain Wolves Tee, £19.75.


-Patriot Eagle Tee, £19.75.

All Tshirts are available online at http://www.asos.com

Ms. Judy Pink.


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