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Just got back from the LFW Exhibition!

…more photos and details to follow! Want to getting writing up the highlights from yesterdays (Sunday 22nd) shows first!

Looking forward to seeing all the photos and details from todays shows (DAY FOUR, Monday 23rd) – in particular:

Ossie Clark




Marios Schwab

Louise Goldin

Paul Smith


So keep posted, and I’ll keep posting!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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and so it begins…

This Wednesday (7th) I shall be getting a stupidly early train to Kings Cross to embark on my very first London working experience, EEEEK. EEEEK is all I can actually say. I’m nervous. I’m apprehensive. I’m thoroughly excited!

I can’t really let too much slip, not at the moment, but basically I’m going to be doing some freelance writing, Wed 7th-Mon 12th. I’m going to be located at Oxford Circus and lapping up the fashion of our good ol’ Capital City. Fingers crossed this week worth stint will lead onto more work and push me forward for more opportunities!!! That would be perfect… and especially so for our big move this summer to the big smoke aswell!

I shall indeed have LOTS AND LOTS to tell upon my return next week, but for now, wish me luck!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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