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Emma Cook For Topshop.

Emma Cook returns to TOPSHOP for another successful collaboration with the high street brand. This time round Emma has emblazoned jumper dresses and sweaters and cardigans with the average ‘name’ – whether that be Janet or Louise or maybe Geoff or Gerrard. However, I’m quite enjoying the Claire and Grace names being sat next to eachother on the below cardigan… (I miss that!)


Emma Cook for Topshop, £70

Emma Cook for Topshop, £65

Emma Cook for Topshop, £50


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You may have been reading about Who Killed Summer, or as it is also affectionately known as WKS09 on my blog; well if you haven’t, WKS is  “an interactive murder mystery online reality TV show drama series where “six hot young music lovers from across Europe are brought together by Vodafone for the summer of their lives” as quoted by Vice Magazine.

Anyway, this week the WKS09 cast and crew held a party at the Old Blue Last boozer in East London as a ‘task’ that is featured in the latest episode of the show. We went along and joined the crowd as actual EXTRA’s as the party was being filmed for the show! EXCELLENT! There were several bands and DJ’s that played, my absolute highlight being Mike Passenger – whom I have not stopped talking about since Thursday! We’re waiting for his album to drop through our letterbox any day now, when it does I will give a full review. He was absolutely breathtakingly amazing! Had a great night! Thanks guys!

So I thought that while I was there I would have a snoot about the fashionable lot and I’ve picked my fave people below, if you were there/if I’ve picked you as a fashionable person, let me know so I can credit you as being wholly style-full!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE

I enjoyed Kian’s bright bright sunglasses!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE

Tete’s make up looked perfected…


Photo by Zoe Jenkin –VICE MAGAZINE

Emma looked rather summery…think there was a nail breaking incident though! oo-er!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE

This fella looks rather dapper doesn’t he! Loving his shirt!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE



Photo by Zoe Jenkin –VICE MAGAZINE

Look at these vampy ladies! Beauts!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE

Every inch the party girl! Boom!



Could not help but notice the abundance of AllSaints merch at the party either! Boom! Tete was wearing the ‘Canvas Slip Boot’, which might I add look amazing on, and she told me they were really comfy too! Bonus time! Billy wears the ‘Strike High Top’ trainer.



We all know Jude’s fave brand is AllSaints too, so I wasn’t surprised to see him head to foot in AllSaints attire under his very chic hot dog costume! Jude was wearing the Mens Military Boots, Checked ‘Confederate’ Shirt and Mens Skinny Jeans!


Photo by Zoe Jenkin – VICE MAGAZINE

I think that Billy must have been raiding Jude wardrobe too! Billy was wearing the ‘Confed Tee’, which I’m tempted to by myself! Love it!



Ms. Judy Pink.

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Who Wears What: Who Killed Summer?

I had noticed that Jude, of Who Killed Summer fame, wears a fair bit of directional highstreet. Since I added the Who Killed Summer post I had lots of questions about the clothing, so I’m dedicating a good old ‘Who Wears What’ to Who Killed Summer!

This post I’m looking at Jude…

So, from Episode 3, I noticed that Jude loves his highstreet clothing, especially AllSaints ‘Ino Swimshorts’, ‘Void Tee’ (also on that Channel 4 advert that’s before Comedy programmes) and the ‘Rogue Gallery’ Tee. Really really like those tye dye swimshorts, much better than an average floral/block colour pair.


Jude and Claire relaxing in France, Jude wears the politically correct ‘rogue gallery’ tee and the aforementioned ‘ino swimshorts’.


In true Jude style, his head is missing in this piece of B-Roll! (a la the incident with Liam Gallagher! heh) But you can tell it’s him wearing his signature AllSaints style; the Void Tee and a leather jacket with skinny black jeans.


A rock-and-roll star? Maybe… Jude again, wears an AllSaints checked ‘confederate shirt’, and the reoccurring leather jacket at Bennicasim.


Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Tete was wearing the amazing Amos Gilet – noticed there’s a few still online! You’d be really lucky to get your hands on one! I do still adore the Amos Jacket though!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Who Killed Summer?


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Keep watching to find out…(keep checking the side bar on the right for the latest episodes!)

Why not follow Who Killed Summer on Twitter for the latest info and updates? Follow here!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Emma Watson confirmed for CHANEL.

-Emma Watson wearing runway Chanel to numerous Premieres.

We’ve all known for a while now Emma Watson, of Harry Potter film(s) fame, has been a favourite to take over as the face of CHANEL. I actually thought she was going to be the new face before Keira Knightly was confirmed, so it has been a while indeed!

Emma has been seen wearing Chanel dresses and accessories to the majority of recent premieres, so we all knew the move to being a new face for Chanel was imminant. The 18-year old is said to be gaining a mere $6million for the Chanel deal, which sees her taking over Keira.

“Emma has been slowly integrated into the Chanel brand. They have been dressing her for film premieres and parties over recent months to see if she is the right fit. Once it became clear she is growing into a beautiful young woman and wears the Chanel brand so elegantly, they had to sign her up”, a source said.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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