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‘Coco Cocoon’ By CHANEL: Lily Allen and Karl Lagerfeld.


As I have previously reported, I was very keen to see the first shots of Lily Allen for CHANEL. The CoCo Cocoon Collection that Lily is the ‘face’ of is launching in CHANEL Boutiques on October 3rd. Can’t wait to see the collection! Meanwhile, the enigma that is Mr K Lagerfeld has been singing Lily’s praises….

Karl Lagerfeld: “I love Lily Allen. She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made woman. She is cool, young and extremely witty. Photographing her for this advertising campaign was fantastic fun. She is extremely inspiring and is completely taken with the bags – with her typical English casualness!”

Ms. Judy Pink.

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THE DECISION IS MADE! This purchase is this Saturday 18th October! woo!

I’m going for the Medium (Large) Classic flap, in Matte Black, With Gold Hardware!

It’s going to be the best spent £1380 I ever earned.

I’m tres excited! But quite nervous aswell! eep!

Think we’re going to go to Bond Street, I’ve heard thats best, or have you heard different?

Ms. Judy Pink.

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