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It’s funny…

… because its true 🙂

Picture 71

-Canvas Tote:  by Jessica Kagan Cushman, £30.00.

I absolutely love this off white tote. Bargain-ous at 30 squids too! You can purchase this humble humour filled canvas tote from UK online store, Bunny Hug.

Click this link to view and purchase from www.bunnyhug.co.uk

Ms. Judy Pink.

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The Chanel Paris-Biarritz Large Tote.

I think its fate that this should be the next bag I purchase or hopefully, get purchased for me!:D ha. always the best way eh!

We’re going to Biarritz, France, very very soon! in a matter of weeks infact. This bag would be beyond perfect for the airport! 😀 and everyday ofcourse.

-CHANEL Paris-Biarritz Croc Tote.

-CHANEL Paris-Biarritz Quilted Tote.

Now for the hardest decision, do I go for the Croc or Quilted tote?!!? ARRRGH!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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