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Let’s Live Like Common People?

Jarvis Cocker popped into my local this evening – couldn’t resist getting this photographic evidence for my dear sister;o

Do you remember the first time?

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We’re off to BRIGHTON!

SO, for James’ birthday this year we decided to go to Brighton for a few days! Really excited! We’ve never ever been before so its all completely new! SO therefore we need a few pieces of info! We’re going Wednesday 22nd October-Friday 24th October.

* What shops/boutiques/markets MUST we visit?

* Where are the best places for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Midnight snack after drinks and dancing?

*Where are the best places for drinks?

*Where are the cheapest places for drinks?

*Where are the best places for dancing? (Indie/Electro/Britpop/Northern Soul PREF)

*What sights MUST we see?

Clearly a trip to the pier is in order! And we’re right excited for that! Totally didnt realise there was rollercoasters! woo!

Thanks in advance everyone!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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