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New Year: New Resolutions…ahem, AGAIN!

So, it’s the 3rd of January – are you all sticking to your new founded ‘resolutions’?

I’m, errr, starting mine from next week and that not a lie or a complete cop out! I’m simply visiting the motherland this week and I know I’ll only let myself down! But I do have a very stringent list.

But I’m interested to hear, what are your resolutions?

Anything odd or obscure?

Something you ALWAYS resolve to do, every year?!


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Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR all:) I’ve been a little bit on the quiet side over the holiday season; we’ve had a great old time drinking, eating and being merry!

For this years new years eve, we were at a bit of a loose end… we generally don’t really like NYE that much. I’m usually melancholy before midnight and it’s all a big mess! This year we went for a lovely meal on Upper Street in Islington and then headed back to our local, The Island Queen, as we couldn’t be chewed with the hassle and bustle of Upper Street.

We got seated at the bar and got the Aspalls-a-flowing. But then, James went to the bar at about 10:15 and was refused to be served because we didn’t have a ‘booking’. I was fuming to say the very least! The bar staff said that we had to have a reservation of a table to be able to stay and be served…there were no signs ANYWHERE in the pub stating you would need a reservation ANYWHERE! We had been in the Island Queen only on Boxing Day and there were no signs, nothing on their ‘website’ and the staff certainly didn’t mention anything. I wanted to place a complaint. But I think them losing our custom is more than adequate thanks.

So hey-ho and off we went, straight back to Upper Street… We ended up in Slim Jims at the top end of Upper Street – it’s an excellent bar… if you like New York “dive bars” you will LOVE Slim Jims! And we do, so we do! 🙂 We ended up seeing the New Year in at Slim Jims in the end and had an absolutely brilliant time.

If your ever in about Islington, give Slim Jims‘s a quick detour, you won’t regret it ;o

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2010!


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Not the best picture in the world, but it gives us a wee taste of what the Lily Allen CHANEL campaign is going to be like – and frankly, I actually can’t wait to see more!

The composition looks nice 🙂 I’d like to see more images of Lily’s face though! Hurry up CHANEL!

What do you think of Lily and CHANEL?

Ms. Judy Pink.

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My Wardrobe Favourites: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Skirt.

Red Label Hitched Skirt – £280, purchased from Vivienne Westwood Boutique, Newcastle, June 2008.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label hitched skirt with brown orb side button and signature lining. This is my favourite piece of Viv, but I’ve only worn it once – ever! So if there was a reasonable offer I may be willing to sell, as long as she was to go to a good home:)

Ms. Judy Pink.


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How different one week after another week can be…

Last Monday, it was my birthday and I was getting up at 7:30am (5:30am GMT) to go on a boat cruise around Zakynthos in blistering 35c heat…. this Monday I’ll have an hours lie in, lucky me, and I’ll be getting up at 6:30am GMT, in probably half the 35c temperature, probably in pouring rain and then I’ll be having another fight with the wonder that is TFL.


So yes, the reason I’ve been quiet on the blogging front for the past 2 weeks involves lots of last minute holiday shopping, Girls Aloud, packing, re-packing, aforementioned holiday, birthday, going straight back to work and The Ivy! I’m shattered to say the least! Going to post a few pics below of the events that have occurred and I’ll post more in depth blogs later – especially of Girls Aloud!

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009. BLOCK 101

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

Girls Aloud, “Out Of Control Tour 2009”, O2 ARENA, LONDON. 23.05.2009

STYLISH SUITCASE! En Route to Gatwick Airport – 27.05.2009


En Route to Gatwick Airport 27.05.2009


View from our hotel room, Venus Hotel –  Zakynthos, 28.05.09


James (www.jameshill.tv), by the poolside, 29.05.09

The Ivy Restaurant, London, for my birthday, 06.06.2009

Very exciting couple of weeks I’m sure you’ll agree! Busy busy busy bee I am!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Lily Allen for CHANEL.

I know this is slightly old news, I haven’t had time to get round to writing about this yet! Sorry guys! Also, apologies for this very suddenly turning into a CHANEL blog! Unfortunately, Chanel happens to be my favourite fashion house, so thats probably why I’m leaning more towards Chanel at the moment….

Anyway, this is by the by…

It has apparently been confirmed that British muscian and fashionista Lily Allen has been picked as the newest face of Chanel by Mr Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Lets be honest, it’s been on the cards for yonks! Lily is always front row at fashion weeks, whether that be Chanel or not, she’ll always be sporting at least one piece of Chanel. She owns dozens of Chanel handbags – and is most often carrying (rather roughly sometimes – which does upset me somewhat) the grey large camera bag.

I have to say I was, and still am, in two minds about this collaboration. I on the one hand, think its great. I actually quite like Lily now – although it was only last year she went a little bit mental and dyed her hair blonde-ish and then pink… and only a year before that when she was wearing the hideous prom dress/trainers combo. BUT how she has bloody well blossomed! Just look at her in the picture above, quite the ‘Chanel Girl‘. It makes me smile.

But still, what would Gabrielle Chanel say? Surely she’d be turning in her grave? Hmm. I’m not so sure. One thing I am sure about is I’m very excited to see the shoot and the campaign. I’m sure she’ll look amazing. She’ll be the face of the leather goods – about right really considering she’s never seen without the aforementioned leather goods in question!

What do you think? Good or bad decision on Mr Lagerfelds part?

Ms. Judy Pink.


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28 Days Later anyone?

As I walked through Spitalfields to Liverpool Street Station after work this evening I listened to “Paris Is Burning” and strolled along watching all the ‘suits’ dash to the station. I was very happily minding my own business when I noticed the usual Evening Standard Newspaper billboard stands… “25 Britons Tested For Killer Swine Flu”. At that very instant I was convinced I was at the very beginning of 28 Days Later… or some zombie film equivalent.

And it’s canny scary man. If theres any confirmed cases here in London, that it, I’m locking us both in the apartment and we’ll live off beans, sweetcorn and weetabix until its all over. There has been 2 confirmed cases here in the UK so far… and 22 odd have been tested/have mild symptoms.

You can keep up to date here at the BBC’s website….. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8021813.stm

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Topshop AMELIE Boots Vs Gucci BABOUSHKA Boots.


My two favourites:) Amelie Topshop Boots and my Classic 2.55 Chanel Bag.

I wanted these Amelie boots for soooooooo long! I finally managed to get a pair that were on the last chance to buy section – size 3! Could not believe my luck! FATE. Absolute fate!

Anyway, I saw a graphic from last year Gucci Baboushka Campaign and saw a verrrrry similar pair of my Amelie ankle boots…


Gucci Baboushka Ankle Boots: RRP around: £980.00.



Topshop Amelie Boots, £75.00.

Obviously I’m going to be a little bit biased here, but I have to say, I think my boots are much much nicer than the original Gucci ones. The studs are way more subtle and sophisticated…

What do you think in the Topshop V’s Gucci war here?

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Reko for TOPSHOP striped dress.


– REKO for TOPSHOP dress, Red/White, £35.00.

I love that Topshop and REKO have collaborated. REKO has always been my favourite concession in the 214 flagship store on Londons Oxford Street. The dresses are so pretty, so feminine, and so different:)

I particularly like this red and white striped REKO for Topshop dress thats NEW IN TODAY. At the mere price of £35.00 you can spend your spare change on joining your local Barbershop-Quartet!

-Available at http://www.topshop.com and instores from Week 21 (Sunday 26th Jan 2009).

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Anyone seen Avril Lavigne recently?

Dear me, have you ever heard of someone getting stuck in a rut? Well, here is photographic evidence of such a saying!

Avril being out of the limelight had had a certain lemon affect hasn’t it really?!

Avril just hasn’t grown up has she?! I was dressing non too dissimilar back in the 90s… lets say a good 10 years ago! AT LEAST! We’re in 2009 and she is still looking the same as her days lusting after some ruddy ‘sk8r boi’ (urgh that spelling makes me bork!)

I just don’t understand to be honest. I’m not being critical of her apparent signature style; at least I suppose, she’d “co-ordinated”, with all that yellow and black;  BUT she is older than I am, and she factually looks at least 5 years YOUNGER than me. I feel like shes younger than I.

And those jelly bracelets, also affectionately known as “shag bands”, my goodness me , those went out of fashion with slinkys and Timmy Mallet rofl.


Ms. Judy Pink.


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