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JUDY PINK, by Tatty Devine.

I had this necklace made by Tatty Devine ( for my graduation, last year, as a surprise:) It’s like my own version of the infamous ‘Carrie Necklace’ as worn by the wonderful Carrie Bradshaw herself in Sex and the City.

I must say, these necklaces are super fragile… as I found when it got caught in my scarf. Devastated at the snappage between the P and the I, and the fact that I knew James would be upset, I tried to get the necklace fixed without him knowing… I’m rubbish and told him everything.

I emailed Leigh at Tatty Devine, and the very next day my necklace was on it’s way back to Brick Lane, London, to be fixed. The customer service at Tatty Devine is beyond impressive. They charge £5 for items to be fixed, which I think is extremely reasonable. In addition, the day after, I received a phone call asking if I wanted the charm and chain replacing. I said ‘no’ as they were both fine and it was just a matter of the P and I being glued back together, professionally. Within a week my necklace arrived back on my doorstep, Recorded Delivery of course, I opened the beautiful packaging to find they’d actually replaced everything, the charm, the chain, and the lasercut lettering; all for £5! How good is that?! Very good is the answer.

I adore my necklace:) It’s very individual, and clearly personal to me. PLUS, its a talking point:) “Who is Judy Pink?” “My cheeky alter-ego” ;o

Ms. Judy Pink.

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The Shoe Project.

I will endeavor through “The Shoe Project” posts reveal my love for the beauty and magic of SHOES!

Now I really never used to be a ‘shoe person’, not in the slightest and despite working on the Shoe Dept in Topshop for a living! But hey-ho, I’m now a full blown obsessive! I fear that my Sex and The City girls are half to blame for that! Damn you Carrie Bradshaw!

So with that in mind, I will be displaying the beautiful shoes I currently own and love, and the shoes I’m destined to totter around in, the shoes that are the fashion statement to an outfit, and the shoes ofcourse that will be on my infamous ‘to buy’ list; but I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford!

Up until, say a year ago, I wore my heels occassionally, mostly for a meal or a good nights worth of dancing.

Infact, once over I didn’t own a pair of heels, now thats all I own! And thank the lord for the invention! I’m a petite 5 foot something or other (ahem), and hey I need all the height I can get – my justification behind the recent purchase of my perfect Purple RIVA2’s 🙂

So onwards, and dare I say it… upwards!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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ALLSAINTS – Kensington Tan Large Leather Handbag.

I absolutely adore this bag:) It was my first big splurge out on a handbag, costing £140. I say I splurged out, I should say James forked out for it:)

It’s actually grown better with age – as do most Leather totes, but this one especially just looks more and more wondrous with every trip out to the outside world.

The leather now looks really vintagey and worn in; I constantly receive comments about its graciousness! I definitely think it looks way more expensive than it was; clearly a good first investment!

My only problem? The bag is HUGE! I struggle to fill it, its that big! Therefore, when trying to overfill your massive bag, said bag becomes extremely heavy, thus taking a massive toll on my very petite shoulders! gah, the things we do for vanity eh??!

Take a look at the ALL SAINTS website for their current collection.

A few places my Kensington bag has been…

London Bridge.

5th Avenue, New York.

Dazed & Confused Vs Andy Warhol: Exhibition Launch, The Baltic, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sex and The City) “stoop”, Greenwich Village, New York City.

The Jorvik Festival, York.

Times Square, New York City.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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