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Vivienne Westwood: “Touch Wood” Necklace.

-“Touch Wood” pendant, £70.

This unique New Spring/Summer 08 ‘Touch Wood’ Pendant features a Silver round disc with a piece of Wood and ‘Touch Wood’ engraved around the bottom. There is also a Mini 3D Gold plated Orb on the chain which can be moved around.

Rhodium Plated. Made in UK

Measures- Chain Length-52CM, Disc-2.5CM”

Well, anyone who knows me, knows how superstitious I am, about everything! I say “touch wood” around 5 times a day, AT LEAST. So when I saw the new Vivienne Westwood ‘Touch Wood’ necklace, I knew instantly, “THATS BLATANTLY MADE FOR ME!”

This wondrous offering from the Spring/Summer 08 range is currently only available online, via the official website and is priced at a demure £70! bargain!

The only thing I’d change about this necklace however, is that I’d have used a full 3D orb as the pendant (as seen below); and subsequently, have the “Touch Wood” lettering around the orb’s sphere; rather than using a flat piece of silver. I think it would have been more visually appealing, and more to Vivienne Westwoods signature style; despite the small gold orb being attached in addition. What do you think?! Would it look better as a 3D orb, or is the above, just as nice?!?!?!

-Orb Locket, £190.

So thats another item to add to my “to buy list”, crikey, this list is going to be never ending! Bring on pay-day!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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Alexa Chung and Pearl Lowe for MADE.

Alexa Chung and Pearl Lowe have both created a small range for jewellery company, MADE. MADE accessories are designed to be worn for their beauty as well as their fair trade background. And that’s what sets them apart.

As they state on their website…

made is about fabulous accessories
made is not a charity
made is about empowering developing communities
made is unique

These aren’t empty statements. They’re simple facts.

Alexa has created a Skull collection. Prices start at £25.
























Pearl has designed a Floral inspired collection. Prices start at £15.

Both collections will be available from Monday 25th February for Fair Trade fortnight.

MADE offer an online service from their website,, but other stockists include TOPSHOP, Sainsburys and othe Independant stores, stalls and Boutiques (see the Stockists section of the website!)

Ms. Judy Pink.

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Tatty Devine: The Movie Collection.

I absolutely LOVE the New Tatty Devine collection for Spring/Summer 08.

I especially adore the 3-D glasses, which actually work!!

The item above is the large version, and costs a mere £35; definitely a statement piece!

There are also smaller pendants and pin brooches available. An enamel version available too; which also includes earrings, cufflinks and a badge; and is slightly cheaper!

Other items available in the collection include popcorn attached to chains, cocktail glasses, film reels and sexy legs!

All items available to order from (and other stockists such as Urban Outfitters…)

Ms. Judy Pink.

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