My trip to Facebook HQ, London.

So as part of my new role, Thursday of last week saw me heading to the FaceBOOMFacebook headquarters with a colleague.

Located just off Carnaby Street, in west London, I didn’t expect the place to be so BIG! I was very VERY surprised and absolutely LOVED all of theFacebook branding (see below!).

It was really interesting to see inside the offices of Facebook and I look forward to taking more trips there in the near future ;o

Reception: Facebook branded vending machines - everything is complimentary of Facebook. BOOM!

Reception: FaceBike parking!

Reception: FaceBike parking!



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2 responses to “My trip to Facebook HQ, London.

  1. Dear Headquarter,

    Please could i have let you know about facebook Hackers that i got really very so not happy it with facebook but who has got a fack when someone who has lottery to trying to get stolen of all deaf peoples facebook password has hackers by from who has get stole and facked. Let tell you know about deaf peoples are all have being angry and fightings and blaming. Please can you give me of London HeadQuarter email address pls?
    Thanking you

  2. vending machines are great pieces of technology that we enjoy today, they are made for the purpose of giving us convenience .

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