Has Cheryl Cole Had Collagen Injections?

Couldn’t believe these pictures below… Cheryl SURELY can’t have really had Collagen injected into her lips? Can she?!

She’s only 26!! And my god, if theres anyone in the world that would never EVER EVER need any kind of cosmetic surgery… it’s her, right?

Well, her lips look MUCH plumper than usual….oh dear, I’m getting visions of Leslie Ash and her ‘trout pout’.

Cheryl makes it look a lot even more suspicious as she strolls through the airport covering her mouth slightly…

Has she or hasn’t she? And if she has, what do you make of it?



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5 responses to “Has Cheryl Cole Had Collagen Injections?

  1. I love Cheryl! She’s my favourite Girls Aloud singer xx

  2. and i know all the dances!xx

  3. Hello Tom,

    Thank you for your insightful comments once again. I’d just like to know what you make of the alleged collagen story?

    Also, for shits-and-giggles, what is your favourite Girls Aloud routine?


  4. Hey neat blog, just wondering what comment blocker system you have on your site for comments because I get so many spammers on my blog.

    • Hey Dana,

      Thanks for your comments. My spam blocker is installed via WordPress. I’d suggest using a site like WordPress or Tumblr to avoid all the spammers out there!


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