What Christina Aguileria Looked Like Next.

Been wondering where Christina Aguilera had been recently… well, here she is with Nicole Richie (whom looks lovely with her new locks might I add). I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked!

Firstly: THE MAKEUP. If you’re going to wear such pink blusher (like I do…) you REALLY don’t want to wear such horrendously applied red lipstick… or that amount of eye make up, it looks awfully trowled on! Honestly, what is she thinking? She’s totally gone from vamp to super tramp!

HAIR: Her hair looks just too harsh, she really can’t pull that blunt bob off – it looks more like a wig to be honest!

COUTURE: Goodness me, I just don’t get it! It just looks beyond cheap – jesus wept. I REALLY can’t get over this picture at all. Viscose and spaghetti straps are the fabric of the devil… and need I even comment on that ‘bling’ round her neck?! VILE.

FIGURE: What the hell has happened? Christina REALLY suited her curves, infact, she had pretty much a prefect figure in May (see below). In saying that, the pair of them could do with a good dinner or ten! Jeepers weepers, skin and bloody bone!

Overall, I JUST DON’T GET IT! Additionally, something else I can’t comprehend is that some newspapers have said that Christina’s ‘new slimline look’ is “amazing”. ERRR WHAT?!? Doesnt anyone else agree with me or am I just seeing something completely different to everyone else?!



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7 responses to “What Christina Aguileria Looked Like Next.

  1. rantinnravin

    Definitely the 50’s curves for her, her heads too big for her tiny shoulders for her to be that skinny.

  2. Grace

    Oops that comment was from Grace not Steve (rnr) Sorry Steve!

  3. Errr lollipop head springs to mind. What a clip! xx

  4. I love Christina Aguilera’s music You are pretty you make a great mum hope it goes well for you and ur husband you are well lucky coz i dont have a boyfriend

  5. I was born on the same date as Christina Aguilera back in 1980 and have followed her very closely. She is a great singer.

  6. I love Christina Aguilera’s video music of You Lost Me. She is definitely a very talented young woman of this generation. I adore her a lot

  7. Christina Aguilera. I really like You Lost Me it’s a pretty good song and one of the best off Bonic album. You Lost Me is one of the best ballads of Christina I hope this song will make people to listen to Bonic.

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