Who’s Wearing AllSaints: Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus, now a fully fledged musical-lady was papped while shopping this week. The lovely lady wears the new contemporary twist on the signature AllSaints military boot – the Damisi Boot. I love these boots, very on trend, yet with of course the added AllSaints feminine flair. Also, in this look, Miley wears the AllSaints Dreams Tee, which absolutely flew out of stores and was barely seen online it sold so quick! There is a similar style currently in stores and online: the Inbetween Tee.




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8 responses to “Who’s Wearing AllSaints: Miley Cyrus.

  1. Laura

    Bought the boots today. Totally in love with them. Saw them on Miley and wanted them so badly. Neither am I a fan of her nor a hater but she has definitely got style.

  2. Hello Laura,

    I too bought this Damisi Boots last week – they’re really comfortable and that little bit more feminine than my other military boots – blog post to follow!

    Thanks for your interest and glad you like the boots!


  3. Hey Kristen

    You are indeed right. Miley wears the Black Leather Damisi boots. If you don’t polish them (like I don’t) they go really quite matte – but the ones Miley wears definitely aren’t suede. The Suede Damisi Boots have a slightly different sole…

    You can still purchase the Black and Asphalt Leather Damisi Boots online here: http://bit.ly/apbDfc

    Or the Suede Damisi Boots here: http://bit.ly/cHtTyW

    Thanks for your comments.

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