Christmas Party Fancy Dress: CLUELESS.

SO! As many people know already, Jess, Hannah and I are going to the work Christmas Party dressed as the oh-so-lovely ladies from cult teen move, CLUELESS. Jess is going as Amber, Hannah is Cher and I’m going as Tai played originally by Brittany Murphy. We had planned this well over a week ago.

I was watching Clueless clips online this afternoon, then found a site that streamed the entire film. The streaming stopped working at 63 minutes, so while the film was loading, I logged into Twitter. I saw Brittany Murphy was trending – MASSIVE COINCIDENCE anyway no? Then found she was trending as ‘Brittany Murphy RIP’. Absolutely mental. Brittany died this morning in LA after a full cardiac arrest. She was aged 32.

We will indeed still be going to the party as the Clueless girls and I will endeavour to wear black knee high socks in tribute to the young actress, Brittany Murphy.



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One response to “Christmas Party Fancy Dress: CLUELESS.

  1. Anom-nom-a-nom

    Hello. So sad about Brittany. She was a great actress, and that would be a nice tribute.

    I have my own dilemma, what would you suggest for kids? I have been in two minds over something like this leopard costume or do I go with a licensed costume like something from HSM?

    Boy is 6. Any ideas? I’m leaning towards the leopard at the moment.

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