My current obsession….

I’m currently obsessing over the classic Gucci chain print! I got this red scarf about 5 years ago, I brought it out from the back of my wardrobe after seeing Cheryl Cole on the XFactor wearing the similar McQueen rope print top (below)

Alexander McQueen: Rope print and applique detail tank, $324

I’ve been browsing over more recently and absolutely LOVE IT. They’ve got Motel on there who’ve been using the chain print on all of their dresses, tops and even blazers (my FAVE-est thing ever! Oh hello MASSIVE Christmas list!)

MOTEL: Chain and dogtooth print blazer, £50.


MOTEL: Chain print dress with exposed front zip, £28

MOTEL: Chain print jumpsuit, £45

MOTEL: Exclusive to ASOS, Chain print dress, £40

You can purchase Motel merchandise online from MOTELRocks, and Motel is also stocked in many Topshop stores as a store concession.



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2 responses to “My current obsession….

  1. Grace

    You are obsessed with Cheryl! I think she would have looked a lot more stylish if she’d picked a plain belt, but then that wouldn’t be Cheryl would it.
    I thought the bottom picture was shorts, that would have been nice and I would have said, buy those.

  2. For one Gracie, I am not ‘obsessed’ with Cheryl – just a tad of a fan ;o The belt is a matching Alexander McQueen belt – I quite like it, I think the outfit might have lacked stamina had she not worn it…maybe?

    Also, I agree about the last picture – I too thought it was collotte style shorts and not a skirt;/ rubbish!


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