Cheryl Cole: The UK Face Of L’Oreal – PART DEUX

So tonight saw the premiere of the Cheryl Cole for L’Oreal advert for Elvive Full Restore 5 – and I was stumped! She looks amazing and makes your heart melt with that true ‘Geordie girl next door’ freshness.

My favourite part of the ad HAS TO BE when wor Cheryl says, “Come on girls lets say it… because we’re worth it!


See the ad in full below… and the bus stop poster at the bottom of my road that I took whilst walking to work this morning! The campaign is well and truly in motion!

So what are your thoughts?!


Ms. Judy Pink.


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5 responses to “Cheryl Cole: The UK Face Of L’Oreal – PART DEUX

  1. Luke

    I love this advert campaign. I live just ten minutes away from Newcastle City Centre and every bus stop near my house has the advert on it. And you can’t get moved in town without seeing one of them either. LOVE the TV advert, it really lets her personality shine through and it’s great to hear a Geordie accent rather than the same old LA one.

    Cheryl Cole is definately worth it!

    X X

  2. I’ve only seen the one bus stop picture thus far! But then again, I cycle around whizzing past buses and white van men so I don’t get much chance to take my surroundings in unfort!

    Luke, please email me any photos you have and I’ll add them to this blog and credit you accordingly đŸ™‚

    COINCIDENTLY, we used to live on City Road in Newcastle (Lime Square apartments on the Quay Side – next to the Cluny) and the picture I took of Cheryl on the bus stop is also on City Road, but in East London, at the bottom of the street I now live on! I like to think its the little bit of Newcastle I brought down here with me! xxx

  3. Luke

    Another coincidence, I work at Seven Stories, NEXT TO THE CLUNY, in Ouseburn Valley and all the bus stops on the road leading to Byker Bridge have the Cheryl Cole poster on. Actually that maybe the road you lived on, not to sure!

    I hope I can take a bit of Newcastle to London with me when I move there for Uni next September. XXX

  4. Anon

    Bit off topic, but during tonight’s episode of the X factor I happened to be on the corner of the internet you were clogging up with your fuckwittery. Do you EVER shut the hell up? Damn.

    • Well well well, hello James Baxter. Next time you’d like to vent your frustration at least be honest about your identity. Additionally, you may adjust your Twitter/Facebook settings accordingly to block my topical conversations with the rest of the world?


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