This Girl Is Definitely Allowed: Kimberly Walsh for New Look

My oh my! Kimberly Walsh, of Girls Aloud fame, looks absolutely amazing in the new campaign images for New Look.

Though I personally don’t like New Look Kimberly actually makes their clothes look half decent. To be fair, she might aswell be dressed up in bin bag, she’d still look fantabulous! Kimberly does join a good list of celebs to model for the high street brand, others include Drew Barrymore, Agyness Deyn (both for the Giles Deacon GOLD collection), Lily Allen (for her own collection ‘Lily Loves’) and more recently Alexa Chung. Not bad pet!

I’d kill for curves like Kimberly’s! JESSICA RABBIT EAT YER HEART OUT!!






So what do you think of Kimberly’s modelling debut?

Ms. Judy Pink


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2 responses to “This Girl Is Definitely Allowed: Kimberly Walsh for New Look

  1. Luke

    I never really thought of Kimberly as much of a looker, but these shots have proved me wrong. She looks amazing. It’s great to see a girl with curves modelling instead of somebody who has the body of a child like Cheryl Cole (sorry I do love her but her waist is just too small. Get the girl some food!)

    Go Kimberly!

  2. kenzo

    Kimberley Walsh looks amazing, she has true class, elegance and very very sexy with legs to die for

    she has got to be the sexiest Lady alive

    love ya Kim

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