AllSaints AW09 Campaign.

Absolutely love the new AllSaints campaign imagery, so I thought I’d collate all the new images into one blog for ease of viewing. The shots look perfectly AllSaints, the photographer and editor have captured the brand perfectly!

My fave AW09 pieces are the ladies Damisi Military Boots, Mens Tread Boots (awaiting delivery), Mens Claxon Trousers/Blazer (awaiting delivery), Illume Tee (awaiting delivery); and of course, and the winter woolies! I’m really looking forward to Autumn to be able to wear it all. The weather is rubbish at the minute, so unpredictable! Thankfully layering is chic this season….
















What are your favourite pieces from the campaign imagery/the new collection online?

You can follow AllSaints on Twitter and join the Facebook page for all the latest styles, updates and sneek peeks!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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4 responses to “AllSaints AW09 Campaign.

  1. Luke

    Looks like another season of quality clothes from All Saints! I love the baggy crotch black pants for men, on my next pay day list for sure! x

  2. Lauren

    Claire, what is that black dress she’s wearing with the oversized neck? I NEEEEED it in my store, tis lush for winter!

    Is it just me or is that bearded guy quite hot in an unconventional almish sorta way? Haaa x

  3. I know it’s lovely isn’t it! It comes in a few colours. Think it’s due this week sometime! So divent fret!

    It’s called the Amka Trench Dress and the heels are the Abeque Shoes. I’ll whack all the product names up shortly. Got poached eggs to do for the wife first! xxx

  4. Lauren

    Niiiiiiice, just had bacon sandwich and tea and am now getting ready for workies. Bluuuuuuh 😦 Yeah I’m enjoying the dress massively… took the plunge and bought some Military Boots so now I’m alllll over finding dresses to go with them ha!

    Enjoy your sunday petal xxx

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