Cheryl Cole dyes her barnet… RED

It’s actually TRUE.

Wor Cheryl has dyed her massive grecian mane a fiery RED. Odd choice. I’m really not sure what I think of it… while it’s a ‘fun’ colour Cheryl does look ALOT younger, and well, maybe not as glamorous as usual… hmmm… Will everyone now be copying Ms Coles new style?!

cheryl-cole cherylred

Let me know what you think!! Do you love or loathe Cheryl’s new look?

Ms. Judy Pink.


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9 responses to “Cheryl Cole dyes her barnet… RED

  1. Cara

    the girl would still look good bald, let’s be honest!!! Prefer her brunette, but she can definitely pull the redhead look off!

  2. Luke

    Cheryl is a stunner, and so any colour hair looks good on her. Although blonde did look quite cheap.

    But I LOVE her new red locks. They make her look more edgy and current. Long live Queen Cole! xx

  3. what on earth was she thinking I can’t even look at her any more. She could have at least goten red hylights but it all died it just doesn’t suit her she not COLOUR CORDANATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Luke

    Cheryl has inspired me to dye my hair, so I have gone from blonde to very dark brown.

    Change is good! Cheryl is better!

  5. Boom! I’m dying my bleached blonde locks too – which is rather scary indeed! colour suggestions welcome ;o


    Ms. JPxxx

  6. kiera

    i think that cheryl looks GREAT but someone at school who used to have a crush on her suddenly hated her when he saw her red hair.

  7. kiwi

    i am dying my own mousy hair a very bright blue!

    • Hey,

      thanks for your comments!

      WELL, I went from White/Silver blonde to copper… which I didnt like, to RED, to darker red, to faded red… to ‘chestnut’ last night… However, I have to say, it’s pretty dark, very much like Cheryls hair in the new L’Oreal ad! Talk about having a change! heh.

      Please do send any photos to me and I’ll them to my blog.


      Ms. JP xx

  8. I love Cheryls hair…. She is hot anyway but this really suits her!! I have been brunette a while, added a hint of midnight violet a while back which has washed out, but loving this red look…. considering it over christmas! Hmmm very festive!! =o) x

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