Hurray! I’ve got my new bicycle! PLUS A LITTLE COMPETITION!


And isn’t she beautiful?? I’m going to pop Alice’s old basket on the front of my new one though. I NEED my basket!

*COMPETITION TIME* Now what shall I name my new bicycle? ANSWERS BELOW PLEASE (I think a postcard would take too long with all these postal strikes!) The best one/one I pick will win a surprise that I’ll post and a full on mention on my blog!! ‘citin.  COMPETITION ENDS A WEEK TOMORROW – FRIDAY 7TH AUGUST, 10AM.

Now get those thinking caps on!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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17 responses to “Hurray! I’ve got my new bicycle! PLUS A LITTLE COMPETITION!

  1. Grace

    I say Esther as the other one was Alice, both are names of my sisters, perhaps if James were to get a bike you could call it Ross as its my brothers name, although a bike called Ross? …not sure it works.
    I think Esther is good yeah, make me the winner. Or Lorraine…
    Lorry for short, maybe thats confusing.

  2. Thanks for the first entry Grace!

    Unfortunately, James has already named his bicycle ‘Roland’. So we need a ‘Roland’ compatible name please everyone!

    Ms. J.P

  3. Jessica

    Alba after the time travellers daughter

  4. Alba is a pretty cool name for a bike, goes well with Roland 😀 Esther is cool too, although it does remind me of that Esther Ransen (spelling?) bird, which is sad times ;(

    Bo is a pretty name for a bike maybe?


  5. Lisa

    Okay, how about “Cassandra”…Have you seen the movie Saved? Cassandra is Roland (Macaulay Caulkin)’s girlfriend and she is such a great character! You could even call her “Cass” or “Cassie”…so cute!

  6. Thanks, James, Lisa, Jessica!

    Getting some great names here! Love them all! Going to be a difficult decision!

    keep them coming!


    Ms. J.P

  7. april6217

    I think you should name her Alda, the betrothed of Roland, in the Song of Roland.

  8. Cara

    Bitsy!! or Betsy

  9. Gosia

    What about Roland & Sasha:)?…xxx

  10. Francesca

    Rowe is one of the variations for Roland and I think would be a cute name – if not Matilda was a strong front runner in my mind!! xxx

  11. Erd

    Dame Judy Dench. The script writes itself from there!

  12. ashley

    i’n gonna be really obvious and say pete. after the man, the myth the legend that is pete docherty. i know its a girlie bike but girls can sometimes have boys names…..

  13. Name = Pippy

    Its a classic.

  14. Caroline

    I’m going for Delilah, reminds me of Tom Jones – always a good thing x x

  15. Sarah

    I can’t decide between two names; Darcie or Macy. A bit random but it’s a cute bike, so cute names 🙂

  16. eeeeevaaaaa




  17. Danny

    Hows about –
    The Spruce Goose,
    Henry Hooviere,
    Pet or
    Bobby Sponger?

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