My Wardrobe Favourites: Bleeding CHANEL Tee.

Bleeding CHANEL Tee, £???.

I got this amazing CHANEL Tee for Christmas from James. It’s got a slashed neck which can sit off one/both shoulders; very pretty.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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6 responses to “My Wardrobe Favourites: Bleeding CHANEL Tee.

  1. Luke

    That is one nice t-shirt. I have a piece of art like this, which I love dearly, but the tee is even better.


  2. Zak

    Cool tee.

    The artist ‘Zevs’ does an awesome version of this, titled ‘Chanel Liquidated’. The below link is to a small version of the piece, cheap at only £3,000 :s

  3. Janina

    Hey!! Great tee! I was wondering.. Where can I get one?? Looove to have one too ❤

    xoxo- Janina

  4. bettina

    do you know where i can get one? ive been trying to find it but have no luck on finding one

  5. Nicole

    Where can I order this shirt?!

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