My Wardrobe Favourites: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Classic Tee.

Classic Tee with embroidered signature orb logo, Vivienne Westwood: Red Label, £60

Purchased from the Vivienne Westwood stand-alone store in Newcastle, May 2008.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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8 responses to “My Wardrobe Favourites: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Classic Tee.

  1. Luke

    Just can’t knock a classic orb tee, especially one purchased from the best Westwood branch in the world!


  2. Laura

    I adore Viv, I am a collector myself 🙂

  3. Luke

    I also adore her. Her stuff is just the best!

  4. Laura

    Yay! ;D
    I especially adore her beautifully tailored jackets, crazy shoes and the jewellry… I’d seriously buy everything with an orb on it!

  5. Luke

    Her suits are out of this world, jewelry is faultless and her shoes are just…words cannot describe. My pirate boots are my pride and joy, I actually am in love with them!

  6. I may be selling my Vivienne Westwood Skirt… I’ll post images after i’ve had my dinner! xxx

  7. Laura

    I just asked which size is that hun 🙂
    Luke, finally someone who understands my thoughts when I purchase at Westwood’s! Lol 🙂

    • The skirt? I’m not selling the Tee – the skirt is an Italian 40 – think thats a UK 8, EU 36.

      I’m so glad the jacket has arrived and fits! Told you it was worth the wait! 🙂 you’ll have to send me some pics and i can add them to the original blog 🙂


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