Cadburys Wispa Gold is BACK!

Picture 14

I absolutely cannot wait! Wispa Gold’s were my all time fave chocolate bar as a small child! Sad times though, they won’t be around for long, they unfortunately aren’t back for good but they will be on a shop shelf near you from 14th September 😀 I for one will be purchasing a wholesale box full 😀 EXCITED!

Ms. Judy Pink


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3 responses to “Cadburys Wispa Gold is BACK!

  1. gavin

    why not for good tho, whats the point in teasing us for just a while then taking them away again, thats not fair, they were popular and then snatched away and now coming back, i wanna see more brannigans crisps aswell cos i loved and miss them dearly, brannigans mustard crisps mmmm and wispa golds, mmmmm bring em back for good.

  2. CHRIS

    Why not have a KITKAT CHUNKY CARAMEL instead of waiting, out now BIGGER BAR and far better

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