AllSaints: The Summer SALE you can’t afford to miss!


This very morning saw the launch of the AllSaints Summer SALE; instore and online! The SALE includes many new season styles too!

There’s a massive 50% off selected styles – so you really can’t afford to miss this one! Especially with all the Summer Festivals looming and the good old Summer Holiday just around the corner!

Head straight to the AllSaints website to make sure you don’t miss out! And what’s even better about heading to the website? No queues, no hassle, just straight forward shopping, with the added bonus of FREE SHIPPING! Huzzah!

Let me know what your best purchases are!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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7 responses to “AllSaints: The Summer SALE you can’t afford to miss!

  1. Luke

    Hi Judy Pink,

    Any idea if this jacket is going in the sale or not?

    I really love it, but couldn’t stretch to that price at the moment. But I want it very badly.

    Luke xx

  2. Hello Luke

    I very much doubt this will go into the sale, its a brand brand new leather and it’s more like to carry over to next season too.

    However, lots of brand brand new Womenswear went into mark down; so who knows! Just keep your eyes peeled at – the same prices apply across store and the website now so it might be easier than popping to your local store or calling up!


  3. Luke

    Cheers! I will indeed keep my eyes peeled and start saving incase it doesn’t become sale stock.

    Thanks again! xxx

  4. Laura

    Hey Hun,
    i live in Italy and purchased a fab Amos Jacket on June 15th.
    Then I read on the site the shipping date was around the end of june, but I still haven’t received my baby ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I called All Saints 5-6 days ago and they told me not to worry, no one had receveid it yet.
    Now I’m a bit worried though!
    Love, L

  5. Hello Laura!

    Fear not! I believe this is a shipping issue. It said that the delivery due date was ‘Beginning of July’ yesterday and now the Amos has sold through online Pre-Orders. So you’re very lucky to have managed to get one! I’m sure it’ll be with you shortly! WELL WELL WORTH the wait! It’s an amazing jacket – a true investment! Let me know when it arrives!


  6. Laura

    You are so kind hun!
    I’ve been seeking for it desperately everyday!
    It was sold out some months ago…
    So i did check back EVERYDAY! LOL
    When I found it again…I could not believe it!
    I will as soon as it arrives!
    Thanks for your lovely answer!

  7. Hello Laura,

    No problem! I know so many people have been desperate for it! It’s truely amazing in real life though; each jacket is unique as the studs are hand studded too. You are very lucky! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep me updated!


    Ms. JP x

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