RECENT PURCHASE: AllSaints ‘Bonny Boots’.

‘Bonny Boots’, £165.00, AllSaints.

I had absolutely wanted these boots since I saw them online before Christmas, and finally, I own a pair! James bought them for my birthday, full price aswell, eep. However, they are well worth every single penny!

They were the last pair in the Canarby Street store, and size 3! Must have been fate really, considering most stores sold out in April! 😀

I’ve never had them off since I got them either! So they’re all snuggly and comfy as now; they’re also looking quite worn now too, which is exactly what I wanted! 😀



You can read my original post on how I wanted these boots here…

Ms. Judy Pink


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3 responses to “RECENT PURCHASE: AllSaints ‘Bonny Boots’.

  1. Julie

    Love these – what colour did you go for, hard to tell as they are worn well. They look great.

    • Hello Julie,
      I hope you’re well!

      I got the Bitter colour in the end – although there isn’t a lot of difference between the Bitter and Black colours at first glance! They’re undoubtedly the most comfortable shoe – EVER.

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. amy

    Hey Judy please tell me how these fit. I am a US 8 what size would i get?? 38 or 39? Thank you so much

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