In 2 weeks (or so) time…

I’ve been quite poorly this last week, in and out of the doctors, and I’ve even had my first blood test! (Nothing serious!) So apart from pulling together some very expensive wish-lists, I’ve also been trying to wish away the next two weeks (and 5 days – but whats 5 days between friends?!) so I can be off on my jollies! I’m beyond excited! I’m so worn out and in desperate need of this holiday I cannot even begin to tell you!

We’re going to Zakynthos (Zante – Kalamaki) in Greece- never ever been to Greece before so thoroughly looking forward to it.

So here’s some pretty pics of where we’re off to!

Picture 73

Picture 74

We’ve booked direct through the hotel, and got separate flights – which worked out about millions pounds cheaper first off! But we’ve found out that through the travel agents you can only get a TWIN room, at the back of the hotel. We’ve managed to bag ourselves one of the DOUBLE rooms at the top overlooking the pool (see above photo). So very excited about that! We’re right beside the beach, in quite a quiet area, which is what we so very desperately wanted and we get a private car from the airport! bonus! We’re flying from Gatwick, which is cool, flown from there before, its a great airport – we love our airports, it where the holiday begins really! So we’re be getting there 6 hours early ;o

Also, just beside our beach is Caretta Beach, which is renowned for its Loggerhead Turtle inhabitants! Amazing! We’re planning on going on the boat trip to the caves and ship wreck (see below) and just plain ecstatic about all the food really!

Bon Voyage!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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2 responses to “In 2 weeks (or so) time…

  1. Christie Howe

    Hello lovely!
    i’ve been on the boat trip to the ship wreck im warning you now take lots of sun cream cos its an all day affair. the beach is amazing tho so so peaceful you feel like a proper cast away – minus the other tourists!
    enjoy it tho its a lovely chilled out place
    mwah x

  2. OH MY GOD – THIS IS WELL SURREAL! Not only that you’ve found wordpress (good heavens!) but I’ve just been asleep the past 4 hours (was up ALLLLLL last night – got sent home on Friday been ill since Wed when I had my blood test! eep) and had a well crazy dream about you and Adam visiting! That in itself was a surreal dream anyway! eee how funny!

    Anyway, how the devil are you?! Jesus, just realised I’ve thrown in about a million religious connotations in there! heh. Must have some connection to the new job eh! ;o (‘citing)

    Cant believe you’ve been to that shipwreck! Didn’t realise you’d even been to Zante! Or had you been to one of the other islands?! Have you told us before or is my memory failing me again?!

    Thats well mad! We’re getting our our essentials this week and no joke, after last year, we’re getting Factor 50 suncream. Bought James some vests because we’re so frightened to bare skin! Cant wait to relax though!

    Hope you’re A-OK!

    big kisses xxxxxx

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