Lily Allen for CHANEL.

I know this is slightly old news, I haven’t had time to get round to writing about this yet! Sorry guys! Also, apologies for this very suddenly turning into a CHANEL blog! Unfortunately, Chanel happens to be my favourite fashion house, so thats probably why I’m leaning more towards Chanel at the moment….

Anyway, this is by the by…

It has apparently been confirmed that British muscian and fashionista Lily Allen has been picked as the newest face of Chanel by Mr Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Lets be honest, it’s been on the cards for yonks! Lily is always front row at fashion weeks, whether that be Chanel or not, she’ll always be sporting at least one piece of Chanel. She owns dozens of Chanel handbags – and is most often carrying (rather roughly sometimes – which does upset me somewhat) the grey large camera bag.

I have to say I was, and still am, in two minds about this collaboration. I on the one hand, think its great. I actually quite like Lily now – although it was only last year she went a little bit mental and dyed her hair blonde-ish and then pink… and only a year before that when she was wearing the hideous prom dress/trainers combo. BUT how she has bloody well blossomed! Just look at her in the picture above, quite the ‘Chanel Girl‘. It makes me smile.

But still, what would Gabrielle Chanel say? Surely she’d be turning in her grave? Hmm. I’m not so sure. One thing I am sure about is I’m very excited to see the shoot and the campaign. I’m sure she’ll look amazing. She’ll be the face of the leather goods – about right really considering she’s never seen without the aforementioned leather goods in question!

What do you think? Good or bad decision on Mr Lagerfelds part?

Ms. Judy Pink.


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3 responses to “Lily Allen for CHANEL.

  1. Luke

    First things first, I am a huge Lily Allen fan. I loved both her albums and her outspoken nature (except when she makes a dig at Cheryl Cole because I love her more.) She is a fantatic artist. however recently I think she has tranformed into somewhat of a fashion icon, which baffles me. How did she do it? to be honet I think the whole trainers and a dress thing wasn’t her, it was a PR trick to give her a unique image. It’s obvious she is a super rich spoilt brat but wanted to appear all chavvy and down with the London crowd. But Lily Allen for Chanel? Don’t make me laugh. It makes a mockery of the brand. Why her? Kate Moss? Agyness Deyn? Even Freida Pinto, despite the fact I can’t stand her. But not Lily Allen. She is too rough for such a slick sophisticated brand. No way. Chanel seem desperate to get in with the Birtish Fashion scene, why can’t they be French and proud?

  2. Well, theres a few things I agree and disagree with there…

    Part of me does think that Karl does want to act, and be seen as acting, in a manner of zeitgeist. Theres nothing wrong with that, it will probably mean, and its most likely going to be anyway, a very short-lived campaign collaboration. Hell, Karl is German anyway, so that gives a mad twist on a ‘classic’ French fashion house anyway. Goodness, he does DJ sets for Grand Theft Auto on the side! heh.

    Also, look at Jerry Hall, shes a horrendous person – worse than Lily; but she’s the current face – she’s done really really well! I think its a matter of fitting the bill in an unconventional way these day – part of progression? (Also, this week Lily has actually stated she’s never slagged Cheryl off – all this media bull is absolutely hilarious. It’s the media wanting to cut and paste and twist everything, with not just Lily, with lots of celebs. Trying to turn them into people they aren’t so they can in turn just write more and more shit tbh). Although, Madonnna for LV is just sheer AWFUL. Hate everything about the campaigns and just Madonna in general!! In addition, Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn have already done Chanel.

    To end all – Lily is only doing a leather goods campaign, so its not exactly going to be haute couture or fine jewellery. The leather goods are being aimed at more youthful types now, like herself, the are the least expensive pieces so it does actually make sense in a weird kind of way?!

  3. Luke

    I agree Karl does very much want to be seen as acting in a manner of zeitgeist, and who can blame him when he is running a top fashion house in times when money is tight and there are so many other brands to compete with. I also agree that the collaboration is more than likely to be a short one, but I still just don’t get Lily Allen as the face of Chanl. When I think of Chanel I think very up-market and sophisticated, and to me Lily Allen does not meet either of these criteria. She’s not much of a looker, in some of the pictures of her above she looks rough as heel. But of course she will be polished to within an inch of her life for the campaign, so it could end up OKish.

    As for Lily saying she has never slagged Cheryl off, I very much have my doubt’s. It’s funny that Lily chose now, when Cheryl is the nation’s sweetheart, to claim that she never said anything deroagative about her. I have seen video’s on YouTube of Lily mocking Cheryl’s accent, which is very immature and clearly mocking her. Overall I do think Lily isn’t a nice person, very spoilt, and the media can’t manipulate something if it ain’t been said in the first place.

    Fully agree about Madonna for Vuitton, awful indeed! But then if LV were to adopt a zeitgeist manner, who would they use? Coleen Rooney? Danielle Lloyd? LV know how trashy their bags have become and Madge is an attempt to change this I think.

    I agree that Lily is modelling Chanel’s youth targeting sector, but I just don’t think she fits at all. Take Nicola Roberts, she is rarely seen without her Chanel bag in her hand, why don’t they use her? It could all come together, but Lily and Chanel to me are a match in hell. XX

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