Excuse my French… but this website is absolute genius!


Harshly, we heard a friend who I used to be friends with, it would appear, isn’t doing so well anymore….you can’t help but feel a little bit smug. James then directed me to this website called “Fuck My Life” – which holds posts from people who’ve had a bad day basically… something has happened which makes them say “Fuck my life”. And tbh, it’s canny hilarious!

Here’s a few we read that made us chuckle…

“Today, I opened my email expecting to see messages from my friends and family wishing me a happy birthday, but there were none. There were Happy Birthday messages from Pizza Hut and Victoria’s Secret, however.”

“Today, I called my mom for the first time in a few weeks, just to chat because I miss her. When she picked up, the first thing she said was, “Why are you calling? What’s wrong? Do you have swine flu??” When I told her that I didn’t, and I just wanted to chat, she hung up.”

“Today, my 6 year old granddaughter was sitting on my lap playing with the rings on my fingers. After a moment, she pointed to a gold ring with many jewels and said, “When you die can I have that one?” FML”

“Today, my grandpa told me he can still get aroused even though he is 84. Im 32 and have erectile dysfunction. FML”

“Today, I had my first job interview and didn’t have much of an appetite because of the nerves. So I grabbed a brownie that my roommate had left in the fridge and ate it on the train ride in to the city. About 20 minutes into my interview I was so stoned I couldn’t speak. FML”

Absolutely brilliant.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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One response to “Excuse my French… but this website is absolute genius!

  1. Luke

    sounds like an amzing website and definately something i would like to use to vent all my misery on.

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