Testing wordpress on my iphone!

Just seeing if this wordpress app works! If it does I’ll be blogging loads more!

Hopefully the Chanel photo should be attached too! It’s my fave boots and my new Chanel vintage jumbo 2.55! It’s amazing!

Ok that’s enough! Bedtime!

Ms.Judy Pink.


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3 responses to “Testing wordpress on my iphone!

  1. Luke

    OMG you have another chanel handbag. you are one very lucky individual indeed. please blog more XX

  2. heh I know Luke! She’s beautiful isn’t she! 😀 I’ll have to do a little photo shoot of all my bags together, I’m just so busy busy busy these days though unfort! I may get some time over this extended Bank Hol weekend though so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

    Ms. J.P xxxxx

  3. Luke

    She is very beautiful indeed! Chanel makes works of art, their stuff is just out of this world, wish they did more for men though. Understand how busy you must be, new job and all, wish I had a hectic London type lifestyle. My eyes are well and truly peeled. Luke XXXX

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