AllSaints AMOS Jacket


As seen in all the campaign graphics, the Amos Jacket is finally available for your purchasing pleasure!
Click here to view this amazing studded biker jacket on the AllSaints site….


AMOS Jacket, Black, £395.00 :Available online at


AMOS Jacket, Moss, £395.00 :Available online at

The amazing Amos Jacket is now available to purchase online at

It’s been spotted on all the celebs (Peaches Geldoff and Nicole Appleton – as purchased by Liam Gallagher himself!), models (Erin O’Connor) and fashion editors (Vogue/ alike this week! I’m desperate for one! Better get there quick before they sell out! Can’t decide, black or moss?! Black is classic, classic rock ‘n’ roll, but I love the moss colour, it’s totally different! Help?!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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6 responses to “AllSaints AMOS Jacket

  1. Shiloh

    I just want to know who that model is?
    I love this girl but don’t know her name.
    If you know please e-mail me.

    Thank You

  2. a

    do the amos jacket runs small or big to size?

  3. a

    thanks, actually i’m a size s/m for Zara leather jackets for example.would you recommend a 12 if im a 10?or this?i see i can pre-order it. thanks

    • Hello again,
      I’d probably go with a size 12 maybe. If its not the correct size you can always return it for an exchange? Theres no more Pre-Order online now, these have all be fulfilled, but a little birdie tells me that theres a limited amount become available so I’d get to pronto so you don’r miss out!

      Thanks! xx

  4. a

    thanks!im not living in the uk so the shipping is quite expensive,thats why i don’t want to return it.i’m going to order tomorrow ,i’m getting a 12(m) even tough i’m more like a 10.thanks for the advice.i am really worried and indecisive,i don’t want it too roomy,i don’t plan to layer hoodies but i assume a 12 would be fine.don’t you think?wish me luck xoxo

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