Tatty Devine S/S 09: The Magpie Collection.

Being as superstitious as I am, you’d probably think I’d be totally opposed to the new S/S 09 magnificent Magpie collection… however, I’m more attracted to it than any of the previous collections… I think.

The Magpie collection is absolute genius, and in a good karma style, all pieces are sold in pairs, to avoid the old ‘one for sorrow’ superstition; therefore, all pieces can be able absolute joy to wear!

My favourite piece of the collection is the magpie necklace, complete with shiny swarovski crystal dangling between their beaks. Afterall, magpies are renowned for their love of shiny things…

Magpie Crystal Necklace, £48.00.

(image shown is around actual size).

The Swarovski crystals complete this necklace with stylish pizazz! The birds are 11cm wide and the chain is 32cm.

Magpie Earrings, £24.00.

(image shown is around actual size).

Pair of Magpie Brooches, £61.00.

(image shown is around actual size).

Pair of Magpie rings, £12.00.

(image shown is around actual size).

These rings are a pair, two for joy!

Each pair contains two different sizes.

Looking forward to the A/W 09 collection from Tatty Devine; they never ever cease to amaze!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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4 responses to “Tatty Devine S/S 09: The Magpie Collection.

  1. Alexandra Kupris

    I was wondering how I would go about ordering the magpie necklace that you have posted above? I personally find it beautiful and would love to own it.

  2. Hello Alexandra,

    I’m not sure that this is still available online – it was part of the SS09 collection and is now part of the ‘Best Of…’ collection online. You may have more luck trying on of their London stores? If not, keep checking back here —–> http://cld.ly/72kue incase they come back in stock.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. katherine viles

    I absolutely adore this necklace, magpies are my favourite animal.i have known a few personally and they are beautiful characters. i would love to know where I might find this to buy, I am in Australia so hopefully they have made it over here! i have my fingers crossed…

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