As of 6th April I will no longer be an employee of Topshop esq, but will be heading off to ALL SAINTS!!! I’m going to be based at Head Office in Spitalfields, London. I absolutely can not wait! It’s the perfect job for me:) My new title will be ‘E-Commerce Assistant’ and I will be doing all the writing for their website, aswell as dabbling with Photography, Site Merchandising etc etc etc. I’m so so excited! 😀 So make sure you keep your eye on the website (www.allsaintsshop.co.uk) for all the work I’ve been doing!

Wish me luck!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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4 responses to “I have NEWS! GOOD NEWS!

  1. Ooh good luck, I WILL be watching like a hawk!

  2. ah thanks love.

    i’m very excited! but also very nervous! heh.


  3. Luke

    congratulations on your amazing new job, it sounds fantastic and i’m a tad jealous. sounds like your new job will give you loads of diversity and best of luck with it! XXX

  4. Thanks Luke. Much Appreciated:)


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