I know its farily late, but I have been so so busy!

So Happy 2009!

I do hope you all had a good one! And I hope theres an amazing year ahead!

My personal resolution is to make more time for writing! So keep checking back:)

Ms. Judy Pink.


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4 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEARS!

  1. carlandz

    =) CHEERS!, an a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    I enjoyed your blog!



  2. Luke

    Happy New Year. Please please please make more time for your blog, I love it, especially the stuff about Vivienne Westwood. Hope you find a good new flat.

  3. Hello Luke,

    Thanks for all your comments:) you are very kind.

    I am indeed making more time for the blog! I’ve just downloaded the wordpress app onto the old iPhone so you’ll be hearing a lot more from me this year.

    By any chance are you affiliated with Viv West?

    Ms. J.P x

  4. Luke

    Hello Ms. J.P,

    i don’t work for westwood (i wish i did!) but i am a huge fan. i think she is pure genius and the greatest designer of all time. i bet her london stores run circles round the one here in newcastel?

    luke XX

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