Buying my very first CHANEL handbag!

We’ve decided that I can finally afford my very first CHANEL handbag!

But how much am I likely to pay in a CHANEL Boutique? The prices vary online all over – and theres never any prices in boutiques/online! I just want to make sure that when we go in to play with the bags and finally purchase my dream handbag, that I indeed have enough money in the joint bank account;o haha

I’m going classic for my first bag; I’m lusting for the 2.55 in Caviar leather… I’d like a jumbo one, so how much is this going to set us back?

-An image of beauty, perfection and what an investment!

Also, which is the best boutique to go to in London? I heard Bond St, but arent there 2 Bond Streets? New Bond Street and Old Bond Street?

Ms. Judy Pink


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2 responses to “Buying my very first CHANEL handbag!

  1. ant

    The prices for 2.55s vary wildly depending on the fabric, size, etc. I’ve never seen a standard price anywhere for one and believe me, I’m obsessed with them!

    As for the boutique, New Bond St and Old Bond St are one and the same – New Bond St is the end near Oxford Circus and Old is the Mayfair end. The Chanel boutique is towards the Mayfair/Piccadilly end on Old Bond St, near the Royal Academy.

    Happy shopping!

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for your insights.

    I rang the Old Bond St Boutique the other day and was quoted

    Medium (SA said Large though?) – £1380
    Jumbo (SA said X-Large) – £1510

    At first I was hoping she’d confused the Lambskin and Caviar prices… but after forum research today it sounds about right; with the Lambskin bags being about £100 more than the prices above.

    Apparently theres a price increase on 1st Novemeber too. Goodness knows how much they’ll go up to then!


    Ms. Judy Pink

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