Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Shoes.

Well, I’ve been admiring these lovely dainty velvety pumps for weeks now and I’ve decided the Navy ones are mine come payday! They’re just lovely, arent they!? ;o

Melissa Shoes for Vivienne Westwood – Blue Suede/Gold Orb. £69.

This beautiful slip-on shoe is part of the new collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Melissa.  Melissa shoes are innovatively made from PVC and with this style specially produced to give the effect of a blue suede finish.  The outsole features a gold coloured classic Vivienne Westwood Orb and the insole is decorated with the ever popular Derby tartan in multicolour.

Available now, in stores and online.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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2 responses to “Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Shoes.

  1. Those shoes are so cute

  2. Luke

    Get pirate boots instead! They are out of this world!

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