KATE MOSS for TOPSHOP Red Pansy Print Dress FOR SALE!

I will be selling this amazing dress on eBay this very week. Please do let me know if you are interested!


Red Pansy Print wrap-over frill detail dress. Size 10.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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11 responses to “KATE MOSS for TOPSHOP Red Pansy Print Dress FOR SALE!

  1. Emma Ross

    I am very interested, I have wanted this dress for so long, and it’s always been out of stock, I tried bidding on it on ebay a while ago, but It got to expensive and others were bidding for it too. Please do get back to me. Emma.

  2. sam

    Hiya, me too! Thanks

  3. Sophie Wren-Hilton

    Me three! very interested! How much are u selling for?

  4. Hello everyone

    the dress is currently selling on eBay for £51, 2 days left.

    the url is…


    or see the latest post on my blog.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Ms. Judy Pink.

  5. Tiarna

    Hi, I have wanted this dress for so long now please let me know if it is still available
    I can get it shipped to New York or U.K. whichever is most conveniant.

  6. Jess Allen

    Very very interested i have been trying to find this for months now!

    • Hello Jess,

      Thanks for the interest, unfortunately for you, this dress actually sold on eBay October 2008! eBay is the ONLY place you will ever find one of these now.

      Good luck hunting for one!



    Hi Judith,

    I am now selling this dress in size 8. I could contact the people that were looking for it.
    Let me know if that can be done.


    • Nicola

      Hi Christine,

      Is your red pansy dress still available? if so how much are you selling it for?

      Many thanks,

  8. Sinead


    Been looking for this dress in size 8 for sometime! Anyone know how I can get my hands on it!

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