Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull: the worst film this year?

I went to see the latest Indiana Jones movie this weekend, and its very easy to see why the people behind the film were abit shaky over premiereing it at the Cannes Film Festival  – the reason is simple; its absolutely sh*te. And thats real french.

It is quite frankly not worth spending sodding £14 on 2 cinema tickets, nor was it worth wasting 2 hours of my life; or the fact I could have gone and got 2 tickets for Girls Aloud off some touts:'( definitely not worth missing Girls Aloud for.

I HATE Indiana Jones, and I have a slight disliking for Steven Speilberg for giving the public such a shameful piece of filmmaking to the BFC. It was quite the farse. I don’t care if you were planing on going to see the film, I’m going to tell you the end anyway, (plus I’m saving you the money and the time too)!!

The Crystal Skull, it would appear, belongs to the body of an ‘alien’ ROFL. its absolutely laughable. what on earth was Mr Speilberg thinking? My theory is that they thought, ‘sod this, lets see how far we can take it’, ie, taking the piss on purpose; theres no way, NO WAY, at all that they thought it was a good idea. or is there? I HATED THE FILM. I just cant believe it was made in the first place. Its absolutely unbelievable to be honest!

My boyfriend said, ‘well at least the special effects were good’, but actually, they weren’t! they were as believable as as the sodding aliens rofl.

And what the hell was Cate Blanchette thinking?! Her accent was appalling! Is she french? English? A posh American? A nazi?! NO, she was allegedly RUSSIAN! hilarious.

-The skull from the film.

-Meanwhile, this is what a REAL Crystal Skull should look like.

The skull isn’t even crystal either! Damian Hurst has nothing to worry about! rofl. It looked like a rubbish perspex helmut. horrendous.

All in all, the worst film of the year.

Ms. Judy Pink.



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15 responses to “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull: the worst film this year?

  1. I agree totally. I got tickets for the opening night at the newly refurbished Tyneside Cinema but the film was so bad it really took the edge off the event.

    Just terrible.

  2. ah dear me! what a joke it was! hehe. nevermind.

    anyway, whats the tyneside like inside then? waiting for a good indie film to come out to go back! not seen the listings as of yet mind… or any pic of inside!


  3. Inside? Not too disimilar to how it was in terms of the decor. The coffee rooms are back up – so is the fabulous Intermezzo downstairs. The posh seats in the main cinema are good. Leather sofas are just great. Complete with wine coolers in the arm rest.

    Also the new bar upstairs is pretty good too. Quite minimalist and modern. I haven’t been to the other cinemas yet but am looking forward to it.

    All in all – a very good job done.

  4. Bauhaus23

    You took the words out of my mouth. The story was pathetic and beyond ridiculous…there was no magic left in Harrison Ford and no chemistry left between him and Karen Allen. How could Spielberg, Lucas, Kennedy and Marshall create such an embarrassing piece of drek? It is one of the worst films of all-time!

  5. PJ in Hollywood Ca

    OH MY GOD!! I just saw the Directors Guild Screening last night in Hollywood CA, in which the audience is all in the entertainment industry – and people were leaving right through the entire movie. I am embarrassed that Spielberg and Lucas could release such a piece of CRAP – it has to be the WORST movie ever made in Cinema History! What was poor Harrison Ford thinking – and why didn’t someone SMACK Kate Blanchet??? I have lost all respect for her and her ridiculous cartoon performance! The only good thing about this movie was that I didn’t pay to see it and I STILL feel ripped off! For SHAME!!

  6. james kirk uk

    okay being the only person who seemed to like it lets give some reasons

    “there was no magic left in Harrison Ford ” sure okay Harrison ford is getting a little old.. but he did do a fairly good job in my opinion. needless to say most of the stunts that happend was actually done by himslef and all of the whip moves where as well. how meny actors do you see go down stairs without a stunt double?

    “The story was pathetic and beyond ridiculous” the story of the film wasnt to bad had some drama in it, and it kept you gessing all the way through, I mean come on you didnt walk out of the cinima so it couldnt of been to bad. =P

    “The Crystal Skull, it would appear, belongs to the body of an ‘alien’ ROFL. its absolutely laughable” is that not the true Indie way? sure an alien is a bit far fetched but all of the films have had some sort of fictional main artifacts (Religious views aside)but thats what keeps people interested. guy who pulls peoples hearts out…normal? I think not. holy ark distroying nazis again bit wierd. holy grail melting someone.. random… aliens may exist and meny people belive they do it’s just another factual thing which the film can greatly revovle around.

    in all I found the film great and I hope ive managed to defend it a little bit. but your views are your views of cause.

    “And what the hell was Cate Blanchette thinking?! Her accent was appalling!” okay thats the only thing I agree with lol

  7. deary me.

    thank you for your comments.

    the only reason i did not walk out of the cinema was the fact it costs a fortune now! its an hours pay from work that film costed! terrible.

  8. kycks

    i think it was quite entertaining actually, though i must admit i’m no expert. I’ve always been a fan of Harrison Ford and I think he still has what it takes otherwise smart producers like Speilberg wouldn’t invest on it, right? after all we’re talking about a man who made films that made lots of money. I certainly think he knows better because with decades of experience, we’re only students being compared to an excellent teacher. However, everybody is entitled to their own opinion so… … i do like the film very much and is looking forward to more indiana jones film.

  9. MoWoM

    OMG… ROFL and then some…
    Stop. No need to be mean…

    Worst movie, ever.

    We walked out after 45 min.
    Speilberg is no longer in touch with anything…

    As for kycks…

    “i think it was quite entertaining actually”

    WTF? Maybe you mean some other movie. It’s a common mistake. You might be high or stupid too. Ask your physician.


  10. mystang

    I have to agree with kycks I thought it was a very good movie. No, its not his best work but for what he had to work with and what he did with it; it turned out to be a great movie. Its a fiction movie, its just suppose to give you dumb entertainment.

  11. jpidiot

    Wow… ms. pink you really need to just relax and watch the movie… thats all it is a movie… its not trying to follow the facts, just using them for an idea.

  12. blabla

    I liked this movie, was it was dumb fun: True
    Was it a B movie: True
    Its exactly liekthe orginals because of this. Its a unique movie and it fits right in the trilogy

  13. hello

    None of you get it. The whole point of the movie was to mock the first Indiana Jones movie. Duh. Speilberg made fun of his own movie before anyone else could.

  14. Dan The Man

    Hello all..

    I happen to be a film lecturer and my opinion about this movie is thus..

    Spielberg is not at fault here.. the man we should be poking the finger towards is that idiot George Lucas who seems hell bent on destroying everything good and pure about his original conceptions, both Indiana Jones and Star Wars have both suffered immeasurably at the pen of this fool..

    The crystal skull movie is far from the adventures of Indiana Jones.. Iner-galactic-beings..not aliens are featured in this movie.. they just so happen to resemble every stereotypical image of aliens throughout fiction..

    A fourth Indiana Jones movie should have been made around 94/95 and focussed on some kind of biblical artifact as the other 3 brilliant movies did.. but no.. Lucas just had to place cgi creatures in this 4th installment, from monkeys, ants, aliens and even people..

    The so called narrative, which took ten years to develop, could have been written on one side of a sheet of toilet paper in a drunken stupor at 3am on a saturday night !!!

    This film did not deliver any of the thrills, spills, threats and empathy we experienced in the others.

    Telepathy, aliens, cold war and a weak father/son engagement sub plot are the make up for this entire 150million dollar movie.. what a disaster and such a waste of money.. Even John Williams score was weak, but then again he didn’t really have the material to work with..

    It’s a complete mystery how someone as established and with such ability as Spielberg could have allowed this film to go in the direction it did.. made by anyone else, this would have been a straight to dvd feature.

    Such a shame !!

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