Miss Selfridge Purple Quilted Handbag.

-Purple Patent Quilted Handbag with Chain Strap, £20.00

I think this month is going to see me buy more than I need. With my magic money ofcourse!

This pruple handbag is the latest offering from Miss Selfridge. I much prefer it to the animal texture one I blogged about for a Friday Must Have earlier this month; Click here to see that post! You cant go far wrong for £20.00 now can you!

However, I do have one concern, look closely at the photograph used; there is a flaw in the material! You’d think they’d use better photographs considering they’re trying to sell a product. It doesn’t really say much for the quality of the material if thats the ‘best’ image they could use! Horrendous! Good job I’m going to London in 10 days time to work for a very popular fashion website! ha.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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